Adopt-A-Roadway (Formerly Adopt-a-Highway)

The Adopt-a-Roadway program is open to volunteers interested in picking up litter along a 2-mile section of a state road close to you. Adoptions last a period of two years and applicants may apply to any available segment of state roadway with a speed limit of 35 MPH or less

General Information:

Any group, business, organization, family, or individual can qualify to Adopt-A-Highway. All group members must be at least 11 years old and must be supervised by an adult; special considerations are given for members under 11 years of age who are part of an established group with trained adults (e.g. Scouts) or if one adult is present for every child. If there is more than one request for a section of roadway, applicants will be placed on a wait list.

RIDOT will erect up to two Adopt-A-Highway signs on each two-mile segment of adopted section of highway, recognizing the adopting group. The "Adopt-a-Roadway" program is offered at no cost to volunteer and non-profit organizations. RIDOT will supply volunteer groups with all supplies they will need for cleanup. The Adopt-A-Highway sign is free to non-profit groups, unless they want a larger sign, which comes with small fee. Business groups are responsible for the total cost of their sign.


Litter Pickup, Equipment, and Disposal
Groups are required to pick up litter at least four times each year, but may choose to do pickups as frequently as they wish. Groups are required to submit a Clean-Up Report Card each time they complete a clean-up. Clean-Up Report Cards must be completed by the group leader after each litter pickup. They can also be used to report unusual occurrences or suggestions for the program. Please note that Group ID numbers are required on all Clean-Up Report Cards in order for the group to receive credit for the pickup. An on line Clean-up Report Card can also be found here.

Roadway adoption may be rescinded at any time due to a lack of participation, so it is very important to e-mail or carrier mail the Clean-Up Report card to the Department of Transportation so that each group's mandatory pickups can be verified.

RIDOT furnishes all the supplies needed to perform a litter pickup; safety vests, work gloves & trash bags. These can be obtained at RIDOT's Maintenance Headquarters at 360 Lincoln Avenue in Warwick. Other RIDOT Maintenance facilities do not have the supplies. Please contact the Central Stockroom at 401-734-4867 for more information.

Groups may leave the bagged trash safely away from the edge of the adopted section of roadway, and contact the Maintenance Facility and arrange pickup.

A DOT crew will pick up the bagged trash. Groups may leave the Warning Signs and other supplies neatly piled under the trash bags so they can be taken back to the Facility. Groups are encouraged to recycle. If group members encounter trash items that they cannot remove themselves - tires, animal carcasses, etc. - we ask that the group leader notify the nearest RIDOT Maintenance Facility. A list of maintenance facility locations and phone numbers can be found here.

Safety, Insurance, and Liability:

In addition to safety vests, RIDOT will provide one "Adopt-A-Highway Cleanup Crew" sign, work gloves, orange bags, and a safety video. The group places and removes the "Adopt-A-Highway Cleanup Crew" sign at the beginning and end of each pickup.

The Rhode Island State Police can be contacted at 444-1000 to inform them of a litter cleanup date and location to request a patrol car ride the stretch of roadway to aid in slowing traffic.

Please note that RIDOT does not provide insurance for adopting groups. All group members must sign a release before participating in roadside cleanups. A copy of the release form can be found here.

All group members under the age of 18 must have a release form signed by a parent or guardian. A copy of that release form can be found here.

Application Process:

Applicants must fill out basic application including contact information, the proposed adoption location, and uploaded copies of release forms for all participants.


Instructions For Submitting Your Form

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