Adopt-A-Highway Safety Tips

We recommend you designate one member of your group as a "safety person." This person should be in a position to observe the cleanup work while watching out for the safety of participants. The safety person makes sure all temporary warning signs are placed and maintained within a half mile on each side of the cleanup location.


  • We wear an orange safety vest so that you can be seen easily. Wear it to the pickup site so you have it on from the moment you leave the car.
  • Wear light or bright colored protective clothing, as well as hard-soled shoes and work gloves.
  • Work only in daylight and fair weather.
  • Use inspect repellent, especially on lower extremities, to protect against tick bites.
  • Have a rain date in case of bad weather, as reduced visibility for motorists can become a safety hazard for volunteers.
  • Stay alert for snakes and poisonous weeds and avoid them.
  • Take pride in daring to care about keeping Rhode Island Beautiful!


  • Pick up litter on the highway or close to the edge of the road or on any median. Stay on the right-of-way, facing the traffic, and stay with your team.
  • Pick up litter in construction or maintenance sites, in tunnels, or on bridges or overpasses. Leave the work for RIDOT.
  • Play around or do anything that will distract passing drivers or other volunteers. Being on the roadside is already a distraction.
  • Work during peak travel time when many cars will be passing. RIDOT will help you identify suitable times.
  • Participate in the litter pick up while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.
  • Over exert yourself. Take breaks and drink plenty of fluids.
  • Bring small children along. No participants shall be below 11 years old, in accordance with national standards for this program.
  • Pick up materials that appear to be hazardous. Contact state police or the Hazardous Waste Division of the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (401-222-2797).

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