Adopt-A-Spot Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Adopt-A-Spot?

    A. It could be a traffic island near your home, a strip of median in front of your place of business, a corner of the entrance to your neighborhood, or a tree path in front of your school.

Q. Does the State find and provide me with an area?

    A. No, we ask that you identify an area you would like to Adopt. The Adopt-A-Spot Coordinator will work with you to help define the boundaries of your spot.

Q. May I have a sign on the Adopt A Spot and if so what size?

    A. Yes, you may have a sign. Its dimension may not exceed 18" X 18" and it must not obstruct sight distance. The sign should simply state "Rhode Island Department of Transportation Adopt-A-Spot" and the name of the adoptee. No phone numbers, graphics or other information is permitted.

Q. How much liability insurance do I need?
Q. Are there any other costs?

    A. There is no fee to Adopt-A-Spot, however the cost of all planting material, the sign (if any), and maintenance of the location are the applicant's responsibility.

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