Adopt-A-Spot Planting Guidelines

General Landscape Guidelines

  • Use plant material that tolerates dry, poor soils, requires less water than most, and requires a minimum of maintenance. Limited susceptibility to insect and disease infestation and tolerance to salt exposure are desirable traits.
  • Use peat moss, manures or other organic matter as soil amendments to improve soil structure and increase water-retentive properties of soils.
  • Use bark or other mulches to aid in retaining soil moisture.
  • Limit use of fertilizer to avoid over-stimulating plant growth which in turn increases water requirements.
  • Employ proper watering practices, especially during establishment period. Water deeply to soak root zone and force roots to go deep.

Clearance from the Edge of the Travel Lane

  • Curb or Guardrail: 5' clearance necessary
  • Wildflower Plantings: No clearance necessary
  • Without Curb or Guardrail: 55 MPH - 30' from edge of travel lane
    • 45 MPH - 20'
    • 35 MPH - 15'
    • 25 MPH - 15'

Island or Median Planting

  • Median: No trees or shrubs with caliper 4" or greater
  • Island: Ultimate height of shrubs to be no greater than 3'

Sidewalk Plantings

  • Trees: Lowest branches to be higher than 6'-8" from finish sidewalk grade
  • Sidewalk Cutouts: 42' x 42'
  • Sidewalk Clearance: Minimum of 3' width needed for passage of wheelchairs

Height Limit under Utilities

  • Minimum height of tree to be less than lowest utility

Sight Distance

  • Calculated at intersections according to American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) guidelines

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