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Pine River Drainage Improvements 2018-CM-019

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Date Asked: 01/19/2018 Date Answered: 01/22/2018
Poster: Susan Cullen Company: J.H. Lynch & Sons, Inc.
These documents are not on the disk. How can we get them? RELATED DOCUMENTS: The following documents are attached to the contract documents. Sediment Sampling and Sediment Management Report, dated July 2013 and prepared by Gordon R. Archibald Inc. Voluntary Procedure Letter, dated May 19, 2014, issued by the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, Office of Waste Management
The Sediment Sampling and Sediment Management Report will be added to the contract documents as part of Addendum No. 2. The RIDEM voluntary Procedure Letter was provided in the CS Pages of the original bid disk.
Date Asked: 01/11/2018 Date Answered: 01/17/2018
Poster: WAYNE CLARKE Company: cardi corp
Job Specific Section, page 5 states the substantial completion date is 12/15/18. Quest Lite's Bid File, page P-9 states substantial completion date is 12/14/18. Please clarify.
The substantial completion date is December 14, 2018. The revision will be addressed by addendum.