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Broad Street Regeneration 2019-CH-026

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Date Asked: 09/20/2019
Poster: Lee Taylor Company: D'Ambra Const. Co., Inc.
Please verify that all new granite curbing is to be 6" width
Date Asked: 09/12/2019 Date Answered: 09/19/2019
Poster: Raymond Giordano Company: Cardi Corporation
On page CS-4, National Grid Gas Regulations paragraph f sttes that if the gas pipe is found to show PCB contamination, "it will be the responsibility of and cost to the Contractor to hire Clean Harbors to provide an open top container to accept the removed section of pipe, arrange to have the pipe cleaned to meet environmental requirements, and to dispose of the pipe sections as scrap metal." Will these costs be paid under item code 202.9902?
If a gas pipe requires disposal, it is paid under Item 202.9904.