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STC Improvements 2020 2020-CT-034

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Date Asked: 07/30/2020 Date Answered: 07/31/2020
Poster: Lee Taylor Company: D'Ambra Const. Co., Inc.
Items #16, 18, and 20 have given bid pricing that must be used. The description of basis of payments says that the contractor will be reimbursed for the actual cost of the work based on the per ton given bid price. Why is the contractor not entitled to receive any profit on these items as per force account breakdowns?
The items in question were separated for bidding purposes to create a fund to be drawn upon with the required disposal cost set by the receiving facility. Profit can be realized through Loading and Hauling, and other work items as described in the specifications.
Date Asked: 07/23/2020 Date Answered: 07/24/2020
Poster: WAYNE CLARKE Company: cardi corp
Item 401.2100, Modified Class 12.5 HMA; Requesting the HMA be changed to Class 12.5 HMA
RIDOT requires that a modified HMA mix be used for all permanent surface courses. No changes will be made to the Contract.