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RFI for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles and Other Innovative Transport System Technologies Framework for Implementation and Integration 7553496

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Date Asked: 07/03/2017 Date Answered: 07/25/2017
Poster: Rick Ayers Company: HERE Technologies
The submission requirements in the solicitation states a CD-ROM should be attached to the proposal, would RIDOT be open to a USB thumb drive as opposed to a CD-ROM?
The electronic version of the submission for this RFI may be included on a USB drive in place of the CD/DVD-ROM provided that (A) the Vendor ensures such USB drive is used for this purpose only and (B) the USB drive is clearly labeled and attached to the inside cover of each RFI submission per Section 3.0 of the RFI. The State will not be returning any CD/DVD-ROM or USB drives to Vendors.
Date Asked: 06/15/2017 Date Answered: 06/20/2017
Poster: John Colangelo Company: traffic options llc
Would RIDOT consider an extension of the submission deadline in order to allow responders to develop a more detailed response? Would RIDOT consider a second round of questions and/or second pre-bid meeting within this process?
The submission due date for this RFI will be extended to allow respondents additional time to develop their submissions. In addition, a second Q&A meeting will be scheduled as a follow-up to the first meeting that was held on June 19, 2017. The second meeting will include a call-in option so that respondents who cannot attend in-person can also participate. Details on all of the above to follow via a formal addendum.
Date Asked: 06/07/2017 Date Answered: 06/13/2017
Poster: Kelsie Company: CJIS GROUP, LLC
What is the estimated cost or desired not to exceed limit that RIDOT has in mind for this effort? What funding sources have been/will be sought for this effort? Who is/will be the project manager for RIDOT? What is the anticipated time frame for a solicitation to be released for this effort? Does RIDOT anticipate any professional or consulting services may be needed to accomplish this effort? (i.e. project planning/oversight, PM, QA, IV&V, staff augmentation, implementation services etc.)? Have you had any external assistance preparing this RFI? Can RIDOT provide more examples of what "other innovative transport system technologies" other than on-demand ride sharing services and high speed intercity and inter-suburb transporter technology?
The RFI has been prepared by a multi-disciplinary internal RIDOT staff, with limited outside/consultant assistance or input. The RFI states that its purpose is for the State of Rhode Island to obtain information and suggestions from qualified entities regarding their experiences with Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) and/or other innovative and revolutionary technologies in order to better enable the State to facilitate and expedite the adoption of CAV and other transport system technology. Following the RFI, the State of Rhode Island may issue a Request(s) for Proposals to implement solutions that will facilitate the implementation and integration of CAVs and other innovative transport technologies. The RFI method is not intended to result in a contract award but is designed to allow for the collection of industry information that may be used to determine an appropriate solicitation method. As such, no specific budget has been allocated to this effort at this point. “Other innovative transport system technologies” could include any technology that offers promise to revolutionize the way people travel and/or freight is transported in Rhode Island. RIDOT is interested in any innovative transport ideas that could have a practical application in Rhode Island.