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On-Call Engineering Services for Highway Pavement Resurfacing & Highway Pavement Improvement Task Order Program 7594638

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Date Asked: 07/17/2018 Date Answered: 07/18/2018
Poster: Susannah Judd Company: CME Associates, Inc.
The solicitation states that the Technical Proposal is limited to 30 printed pages. Are printed pages defined as 1 sheet of paper printed on both sides? Or does one page equal one printed side only?
The 30 page "limit" is a guideline. A printed page is defined as 1 sheet of paper printed on both sides.
Date Asked: 07/10/2018 Date Answered: 07/12/2018
Poster: Tracey Smith Company: Applied Pavement Technology, Inc.
Would you be so kind and email me the RI Contract #7594638 to (vendor 83940). Thank you.
All RIDOT RFPs are posted at the RI Dept of Administration-Division of Purchases website: