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Date Asked: 09/23/2020 Date Answered: 09/23/2020
Poster: Kathleen Duggan Company: McMahon Associates, Inc.
Item n. on page 7 states that, “The successful Consultant and Sub-Consultants will be precluded from participating in any resultant solicitations derived from RFPs prepared by the Consultant under this contract. RIDOT will be the sole arbiter as to whether a conflict exists." Presumably, this is item number 5 of the list of 17 items potential activities on page 4 – “Develop Scopes of Work”. Will consultants be precluded from resultant solicitations through performance of any of the other items listed? Approximately what percentage of RFPs for RIDOT projects is expected to be prepared through this contract?
Consultants who develop scopes of work/RFPs will be precluded from submitting a proposal in response to that RFP. RIDOT does not anticipate that consultants will be precluded from responding to resultant solicitations through performance of any of the other items listed under the scope of work on pages 3-4 in the RFP. However, RIDOT will be the sole arbiter as to whether such conflicts exist. The Department cannot determine how many project RFPs will be prepared under this contract at this time.
Date Asked: 09/18/2020 Date Answered: 09/21/2020
Poster: Joseph Giordano Company: Gordon R. Archibald, Inc.
Items 11-17 under Paragraph A of the Scope of Work (page 4) are final design type of activities and appear to be inconsistent with the "planning" nature of this RFP. Can RIDOT confirm that this type of work would be part of a consultant contract?
This question will be Addressed in addendum 1.
Date Asked: 09/17/2020 Date Answered: 09/23/2020
Poster: Robert Wright Company: AECOM
Can you please confirm that the selected consultant would not be precluded from pursuing projects that were evaluated under this contract if they were advertised for additional design development.
Confirmed. Federal requirements and FHWA policies do not expressly prohibit the same consulting firm from providing services on subsequent phases (e.g., design and construction engineering/management and/or inspection) of a project that utilizes FHWA funding.