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RIDOT posts travel times on electronic messages boards on I-95 and I-195. You also can check the times on-line before hitting the road.

More Travel Tools

RIDOT has several useful web pages for learning about roadwork, crashes or special events that might delay motorists:

- Travel Advisories
- Congestion Mapping
- 511
- 1630 AM
- Community updates
- Detour Maps
- Parades & Events

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Welcome to The Office of Civil Rights

The RIDOT has chosen the Champ (Computerized Highway Affirmative Action Management Program) software, developed by Washington & Rice, LLC, to be used by our contractors to help manage their AA/EEO reporting on federally funded contracts.


Our mission is to provide the RIDOT contractors with information about the policies and procedures of the RIDOT regarding Champ. We will also strive to keep you up to date on any changes made to our policies and procedures regarding Champ including Champ. We will provide our contractors with the information needed to successfully manage their AA/EEO reporting on RIDOT contracts through the use of Champ.


champ softwareChamp-CM (Contractors Module) is the prime contractors component of a larger EEO Management Information System. Champ CM helps the contractors manage the EEO reporting requirements on government contracts as required by 49 CFR Part 26. A contractor may interface it's payroll system with Champ and eliminate all of the paperwork typically associated with EEO reporting. Champ manages Workforce Utilization, On the Job (OJT) Training, DBE monitoring and EEO reporting.

champ software 2Champ is designed to be user friendly. Once a contractor enters some basic information about it's contracts on which it is working, the payroll data may be imported. Each month the prime contractor will import the data from it's subcontractors into Champ and generate all of it's AA/EEO reporting. Once a month the prime contractor sends to the agency a file containing all the information pertaining to their contracts.