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R.I., our nation at a crossroads


Click on the image above to check out a great infographic from the American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) showing what's at stake for Rhode Island and our country if the national Highway Trust Fund runs out of money - as it is projected to do this fall.

RIDOT Wins Award for Pawtucket River Bridge!

AIA logo

RIDOT's Pawtucket River Bridge earned an Honor Award from the Rhode Island Chapter of the American Institute of Architects - one of the organization's most prestigious awards! Click here to read the judges' comments.

A Plan Toward Zero Deaths

Rhode Island's Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) is a blueprint for moving Toward Zero Deaths, a national effort to cut traffic fatalities and serious injuries in half by 2030. Watch a video on TZD.

Txtng & Drivng It Can Wait

RIDOT and the Rhode Island Attorney General's Office have teamed up to bring AT&T's "Txtng & Drivng ... It Can Wait" awareness campaign to high schools throughout Rhode Island.

Race Data Report

Read the Northeastern University Institute on Race and Justice report on Rhode Island traffic stop statistics.

Accessible Pedestrian Signals

RIDOT is accepting applications for accessible pedestrian signals. Learn more.

City Centre Warwick


RIDOT and the Federal Highway Administration were proud to assist state and local agencies in the launch of City Centre Warwick, a new development district for the City of Warwick centered around T.F. Green Airport, the InterLink and our Commuter Rail station.

Parking Limited at Kingston Station

Parking at Kingston Station in South Kingstown is limited due to ongoing parking lot improvements through Spring 2014. South County Bike Path users may wish to choose an alternative parking lot, especially on weekdays when the train station is busiest.

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Infrastructure Development

Chief Engineer

Kazem Farhoumand, P.E.
401-222-2492, ext. 4100

The Chief Engineer administers the Infrastructure Development Division, which consists of the Design Section, including Road, Bridge and Traffic Units, the Construction Management Section, Materials, Environmental and Landscaping, and Research & Technology.


Robert Smith, P.E.
Deputy Chief Engineer
401-222-2023, ext. 4023

The Design Section is responsible for the preparation of engineering plans, specifications and estimates for the construction and reconstruction of Rhode Island’s state-owned and maintained highways, bridges, traffic signal systems and bicycle and pedestrian paths. This work also involves coordination with Rhode Island's 39 cites and towns, and various citizen advocacy groups.

The Design Section coordinates with various Federal agencies, notably the Federal Highway Administration, the Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This section is also responsible for the review of Utility Permits, Land Sale Requests and Physical Alteration Permit Applications (PAPA).

Bridge Design

David Fish, P.E.
Managing Engineer
401-222-2053, ext. 4022

Road Design

Vincent Palumbo, P.E.
Managing Engineer
401-222-2023, ext. 4049
401-222-2053, ext. 4022

    Environmental Resources & Road Design
    Peter A. Healey, P.E.
    Chief Civil Engineer
    401 222-2023 Ext. 4039

      Landscape Architecture
      Susan J. Votta, RLA, ASLA
      Supervising Landscape Architect
      401-222-2023 ext. 4468

Traffic Management & Highway Safety

Robert Rocchio, P.E.
Managing Engineer
401-222-2694, ext. 4206

    Office on Highway Safety

    Francisco Lovera, P.E.
    (401) 401- 222-2694 Ext. 4205

    The mission of the Office of Highway Safety, through funding provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), is to develop programs and activities that reduce the incidence of death and injury on Rhode Island roadways. Through public education, partnerships with public health officials, civic organizations, municipalities, law enforcement agencies and legislative leaders, the OHS advocates and promotes responsible motorist and pedestrian behavior. The use of statistical analysis and surveys assists the OHS in determining specific areas of consideration for highway safety funding. Additionally, the OHS participates in nationally organized campaigns for seatbelt use and impaired driving. For these events, the OHS uses national themes, while tailoring them to Rhode Island’s specific environment. The degree of success of highway safety projects is found in the reduction of deaths, severity of injuries, and reduction in the societal costs attributable to such deaths and injuries.

    For more information on:


401 222-2815

Property Acquisition

Richard Kalunian
401 222-2411, ext. 4534

Materials & Research

Colin A. Franco, P.E.
Associate Chief Engineer
RIDOT Materials & Research

Mark Felag, P.E.
Managing Engineer

The objective of RIDOT's Materials and Research Section is to assure quality materials are designed properly and that the materials provided meet specifications upon incorporation into all highway and bridge construction and maintenance projects, to administer the Rhode Island Department of Transportation’s Research and Pavement Preservation efforts and perform forensic testing when needed, to provide information on current and emerging technologies related to the transportation field in the areas of research and testing, products and processes, pavement preservation and geotechnical engineering and to advance the state of knowledge in these areas within the guidelines set forth by the department and the Federal Highway Administration.

Construction Management

Frank Corrao III, P.E.
Deputy Chief Engineer
401-222-2468, ext. 4202

Construction contract administration is the responsibility of this section. Most contracts are for the construction and rehabilitation of highways and bridges. The projects are quite diverse ranging from the simple, such as pavement crack sealing, to the complex, such as the relocation of a major Interstate with the Iway project.

Construction Management operates with a team of individuals assigned to each project; the number based on the complexity of the contract. RIDOT typically assigns a resident engineer to each contract, along with a group of inspectors. This team oversees the entire life of the construction contract from day one to final inspection. The constant contact keeps RIDOT on top of projects, enables it to immediately address and resolve unexpected problems, and to ensure compliance with all design and materials specifications.

Chief Civil Engineers (401) 222-2468

  • George Ley, P.E., ext. 4549
  • Norman Marzano, P.E., ext. 4312
  • Jay Silva, P.E., ext. 4316

Office of Final Review

Richard G. Fondi, Administrator
401-222-6510, ext. 4637

In December 2008, RIDOT created the Office of Quality Compliance & Review (QC&R) by merging the Office of the Inspector General with the Finals Section. The new office, QC&R, assumed the responsibilities granted RIDOT under the Oversight Agreement for Federal–Aid Projects entered into by the two agencies, RIDOT and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), dated August 30, 2006.
The new Unit (QC&R) is responsible to review and verify all financial payment documentation as well as other specified contractual submissions on ongoing construction projects. Closeouts, final inspections and project finalization also fall under the jurisdiction of the Unit. Additionally, where project oversight has been delegated to RIDOT, this Unit assesses accountability, performs reviews and interim field inspections of ongoing construction projects, and accompanies FHWA on field reviews of construction operations when appropriate and agreeable.  Also, non-federal oversight construction change orders require review and signature approval from this Unit.  Furthermore, this group performs internal audits of expenditures Department-wide as necessary and/or as requested or directed by RIDOT. Reports of Change (ROCS) are also reviewed within this Unit for compliance with state purchasing regulations and process reviews are conducted on those procedures established within various Departmental offices.