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You Can Help!

Throughout the state, numerous small locations need our attention. It could be a traffic island near your home, a strip of median in front of your place of business, a corner of the entrance to your neighborhood, or the tree path in front of your local school. Each of these spots just needs someone who cares enough to design and install a flower bed, a community group that will take the responsibility to weed and fertilize, a club that will plant and maintain a tree, or a business that will landscape and keep it looking good.

Your group or business can also erect a sign identifying the community-oriented individual, group or business making the world a little bit nicer for everyone who happens by or lives in the area.

Adopters, in turn, agree to assume the responsibility for maintaining the spot for a two-year renewable period. This includes any costs involved with designing, installing or maintaining the spot, also those costs for a sign or its installation. Also, a Certificate of Liability insurance must be submitted with your application, naming the State of Rhode Island as additionally insured on the Certificate. The application cannot be processed without this information.

If you would like to be a part of this innovative way to improve the quality of life in your area, please contact 401-734-4884. We would be delighted to send you more information on this great opportunity.

Sponsored by:
The Rhode Island Department of Transportation
Two Capitol Hill
Providence, RI 02903

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Adopt A Spot?

A. It could be a Traffic Island near your home, a strip of median in front of your place of business, a corner of the entrance to your neighborhood, or a tree path front your local school.

Q. Does the State find and provide me with an area?

A. No you would have to go out and find an area you would like to Adopt and then call the Adopt-A-Spot Coordinator at 401-734-4884.

Q. May I have a sign on the Adopt A Spot and if so what size?

A. Yes, you may have a sign. Its dimension may not exceed 18” X 18”, and it must not obstruct sight distance. The sign should simply state "Rhode Island Department of Transportation Adopt-A-Spot" and the name of the adoptee. No phone numbers, graphics or other additional information are permitted.

Q. Does it cost anything?

A. There is no fee to Adopt-A-Spot, however the cost of all planting material, and maintenance of the location are the applicant’s responsibility.