I-95 ‘Missing Move’ and Quonset Ramps Construction

  • 'Missing Move' and Quonset Connector Ramps
    Route 4 to I-95 North could see a future Ramp to access I-95 South
  • 'Missing Move' and Quonset Connector Ramps
    I-95 North could see a future Ramp to access Route 4 South
  • 'Missing Move' and Quonset Connector Ramps
    Post Road South could see future ramp to access Route 403 West

Linking an Important Freight Connector Away from Local Roads

RIDOT has requested $81 Million from USDOT’s Multimodal Projects Discretionary Grant (MPDG) Program to support Completing the I-95 Missing Move and Quonset Connector Ramps, a major project to improve the movement of freight, commuters, and tourists through Rhode Island.

A partnership between RIDOT and Quonset Development Corporation (QDC), this $135 Million project will complete the “missing move” at the interchange of I-95 and Route 4, construct three deferred ramps linking Post Road and West Davisville Road to Route 403, and create a new roundabout at Compass Circle. The completion of this project will allow direct travel from Route 4 to I-95 in all directions and provide a link between the two sections of Quonset Business Park, all without the use of local roads, improving the quality of life for people who live and work in the area.

2023/24 MPDG Application Narrative: Completing the I-95 Missing Move and Ramps to Quonset Business Park

What You Need to Know

The project proposed in the grant application will transform of one of the busiest interchanges in Rhode Island, which aims to reduce congestion and improve the local transportation network by:

  1. Constructing two new highway ramps to complete the interchange of I-95 and Route 4, including one ramp linking I-95 North to Route 4 South and another linking Route 4 North to I-95 South;
  2. Improving highway access and signals along Route 2;
  3. Building three ramps linking Route 403 to Post Road and West Davisville Road;
  4. Creating new drainage systems, water quality basins and treatment areas;
  5. Installing broadband, fiber, and ITS improvements throughout the corridor;
  6. Relieving congestion on local roads by shifting vehicle miles traveled onto the highway;
  7. Promoting environmental sustainability by reducing congestion-related emissions; and
  8. Providing greater access to rapidly growing communities in South County.

This project was supported by a $4 Million BUILD Planning Grant. Those funds have been used to advance preliminary engineering and complete the Section 106, Section 4(f), and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requirements for both project components.

Letters of Support

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Additional Information & Graphics

Route 4 and I-95 Improvements.pdf
Route 403 Improvements
Project Benefit-Cost Analysis (BCA) Summary
Project Benefit-Cost Analysis (BCA) Narrative
Program Detail Report - STIP Page
Proposed Phasing Graphics
Environmental Justice Determination, Component 1 (Missing Move)
Environmental Justice Determination, Component 2 (Missing Move)
Sea Level Rise Impacts Nearby
Map of Upcoming Projects Nearby
Innovative Technologies Memo from RIDOT TMC