Autonomous Shuttle Pilot Project

The Little Roady Pilot Project brings the first self-driving shuttles to Rhode Island. The fleet of electric vehicles offers rides along a fixed route in the Woonasquatucket River Corridor of Providence, expanding transit in our neighborhoods. This initiative engages the community, stakeholders, and policy-makers in research and planning for the future of transportation.

Autonomous Shuttle Live Route

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Frequently Asked Questions

How it Works

What route does the Little Roady follow and what are its hours of operation?

The vehicles will operate 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. seven days a week. The route is 5.3 miles long between Providence Station and Olneyville Square and includes 12 stops.

How will I be able to find the stops?

Stop signage will be mounted at each stop location. There also will be a short section of curbing marked in green, indicating the stop. A map can be downloaded here and you can view an interactive map that shows where the shuttles are in real time.

I see the shuttle service is free - do I need to sign up ahead of time
or just get on?

You do not need to sign up. Anyone can just get on at the designated stop locations on a first come, first serve basis.

How long will it take to ride from Olneyvile to the Train Station?

About 20 minutes.

If a shuttle arrives and is full, how long will I have to wait for another?

Wait time is approximately 10-15 minutes.

Can I request a stop before I get to the next scheduled stop?

No. The vehicles only operate on the pre-programmed route and stops, not on demand.

Will the shuttle run in bad weather?

The project team and partners will always prioritize safety in bad weather, including snow. Depending on the condition, the vehicles may be operated in manual mode or delayed until weather conditions improve. Service alerts will be posted at shuttle stops and on this website.

Does the shuttle run on holidays?

The shuttle runs on most holidays with the exception of Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day.

Shuttle Features

Can kids ride on the shuttle? If so, can I put a booster or car seat in for toddlers or babies?

All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older. Babies, toddlers, and young children may only ride if their adult guardian provides and installs an appropriate safety seat.

Does the vehicle have a trunk or other storage for anything I'm carrying
(e.g. suitcases, bags of groceries)?

There is limited space on the floor. But there is not additional storage space.

Do the shuttles have seat belts? Do they have air bags?

Yes, they do have seat belts. They do not have airbags, as airbags are unsafe to use in low speed (25mph and under) vehicles.

Can these shuttles accommodate wheelchairs?

Yes. May Mobility’s fleet includes one wheel chair accessible vehicle. Reservations can be made in advance or on demand during hours of operation. Call 1-855-351-4544 to request a ride. This service will only run along the Little Roady route, stopping and picking up passengers at the designated stops.

Can I bring an animal on the shuttle?

Pets are not allowed on the shuttle. However properly certified service animals are allowed.

Is there a bike rack available?


Can I eat or drink on the shuttle?

Please do not eat or drink in the shuttle. Any food or drinks brought on the vehicle must be in sealed containers.

Can I smoke, vape or use other tobacco products on the shuttle?
Or bring alcohol?


Who do I contact for lost and found?

Contact the May Mobility Customer Service at 855-351-4544

Service FAQs

How does the technology work?

The May Mobility shuttles use a suite of sensors that deliver a 360-degree view around the shuttle. The powerful array of sensors and intelligent software help each shuttle understand where it is, in which direction to steer, and when to slow down, accelerate, or stop for something in its path. Digital mapping provides each shuttle with knowledge of its route and allows it to navigate through various traffic conditions.

Why did you pick this route?

We chose this route in coordination with our partners for several reasons. It is along low speed roads that can accommodate the shuttles, it offers a needed first-last mile solution for the community, it serves a diverse cross section of Rhode Islanders, and the Woonasquatucket Corridor is one of the Innovation Districts in Providence.

Why is there a Fleet Attendant in the shuttle?

The fleet attendants are on board to monitor the vehicle and intervene if there should be a need to do so. Additionally, they are present to help answer your questions and provide feedback that helps improve the service.

Why isn't the vehicle always driving autonomously?

Some circumstances in which manual operation may be engaged include inclement weather, a hardware/software changeover, or for some other data collection/learning purpose. The Little Roady service will prioritize safety and a great rider experience over all else.

Can I access other modes of transportation along the route?

Riders can connect with RIPTA buses, as well as MBTA and Amtrak trains at Providence Station. RIPTA is also available at the Olneyville Square and RIDOT stops. Along the route, you can find shared bikes and scooters.

Are there any special provisions for field trips?

Student field trips are welcome! All students must be accompanied by teachers/chaperones and have the proper permissions according to their school policies. One adult chaperone is required for every four students, as the vehicles only seat five passengers. To coordinate field trips, please email us here.

What about other groups or tours?

Just like for school trips, we ask that leaders of any large group contact us ahead of time. All children under 18 must be accompanied by adult chaperones and have the proper permissions according to their group's policies. Again, one adult chaperone for every four children. Please email us here.

Why is there a RIPTA driver on the shuttle?

RIPTA is an important partner on this project and hopes to learn more about autonomous and electric technologies, micro-transit, and first-last mile solutions.

How can I provide feedback?

Email or call 855-351-4544


May 15, 2019 - May 2020
7 days a week
Service Every 10 - 15 minutes
6:30am - 6:30pm


We want to hear from you!

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Customer Service: 1-855-351-4544


Why We're Doing This

RIDOT launched the Little Roady Autonomous Shuttle Pilot Project to help the Department better understand the opportunities and challenges that come with integrating this new technology into RIDOT's transportation planning.

This innovative research initiative positions Rhode Island at the forefront of mobility testing, while filling a gap in the state's transportation network.


In partnership with 3x3 Design, Brown University, Stae, and Bits and Atoms, we will explore:

  • Mobility solutions
  • Ridership trends
  • Workforce opportunities/impacts
  • Customer satisfaction/technology adoption
  • Environmental impacts
  • State and local policies

Fact Sheet


To Reserve a Wheel Chair Accessible Ride, please call Customer Service: 1-855-351-4544

• Arrival times may vary. Approximately 20 minute wait time