The Adopt-a-Spot Program is designed to encourage landscaping in small locations such as traffic islands, median strips, and other undeveloped areas near roads and intersections

General Information:

We ask that the applicant identify an area they would like to Adopt. Choose from our list of available locations, our identify your own. The Adopt-A-Spot Coordinator will work with you to help define the boundaries of the spot.

Signage not exceed 18" X 18" and must not obstruct sight distance. Signage should simply state "Rhode Island Department of Transportation Adopt-A-Spot" and the name of the adoptee. No phone numbers, graphics or other information is permitted.

There is no fee to Adopt-A-Spot, however the cost of all planting material, the sign (if any), and maintenance of the location are the applicant's responsibility.

Application Process:

Applicants must fill out basic application including contact information, the proposed adoption location, a landscaping plan, two-year maintenance schedule, and a proof of liability insurance (naming the state of RI as "additionally insured"). We have specific requirements in liability insurance to project you and those helping you. A key item is having the State of Rhode Island listed as "additionally insured" on the policy. Click here to view a sample proof of liability insurance.

 Important Instructions For Submitting Your Form

  1. Download and open the above PDF document using Adobe Acrobat and save it to your machine.
  2. Fill out the form in its entirety and click the Save Save Button, or press CTRL+S (CMND+S for MAC users) to save your completed form.
  3. Click on the "Submit Your Form" button at the end of the document and follow the prompts to email your newly saved document to our department.
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