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Browse more than 100 traffic cameras in either Map View or Cams View

Travel Times

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RIDOT posts travel times on electronic messages boards on I-95 and I-195. You also can check the times on-line before hitting the road.

More Travel Tools

RIDOT has several useful web pages for learning about roadwork, crashes or special events that might delay motorists:

- Travel Advisories
- Congestion Mapping
- 511
- 1630 AM
- Community updates
- Detour Maps
- Parades & Events

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  • The RIDOT "Blue Book"
    This is a downloadable version of the Rhode Island Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction. This is the version released in 2004, it is also available for purchase in the Contract Administration Office (Room 108) in the DOT main building.

  • Blue Ribbon Panel Public Presentation & Background

  • RIDOT Press Releases
    List of all RIDOT press releases and announcements of upcoming activities posted by the RIDOT Public Affairs Office.

  • Rhode Island Strategic Highway Safety Plan
    Rhode Island's Strategic Highway Safety Plan was developed as a guiding document for efforts to reduce the number of highway crashes and resulting fatalities and injuries by sharing information, combining resources, and targeting efforts to the areas of greatest need.

  • Parade & Event Permit Application

    RIDOT has established this permit to streamline the approval process for parades, road races, cycling tours or other organized events on State roads and bridges. Please fill out this application completely and mail to:

      State Traffic Engineer
      Rhode Island Depratment of Transportation
      Two Capitol Hill
      Providence, RI 02903

    The application can also be submitted via Fax to: 401-222-3006.

    Applicants should provide any supporting documentation they feel would be important in describing the event. It is the permittee’s responsibility to obtain approval from each city or town the event will take place in.

  • Open Records Request

    Those seeking access to public records in accordance with the Access to Public Records Act (RIGL 38-2) should direct their request to RIDOT’s Office of Legal Counsel.

    In order to ensure that public records are provided in an expeditious manner, RIDOT asks that you complete a Public Records Request Form.

    For those wishing to otherwise submit their written request without using the form, please provide your contact information, title of the document(s) requested to be inspected or copied, a general description of the subject matter of the document(s) and, if known, the name and title of person at RIDOT having custody of requested document(s).

    This request can be faxed to (401) 222-4226 or mailed to:

      Office of Legal Counsel
      Rhode Island Department of Transportation
      Room 250
      Two Capitol Hill
      Providence, RI 02903

    Please note: Those requesting copies of any documents may be assessed a fee including an hourly charge for searching and copying as provided by the Access to Public Records Act (RIGL 38-2-4).

  • Rhode Island Department of Transportation Outdoor Advertising Rules and Regulations
    This pdf file includes the final rules and regulations and several exhibits. Be sure to open the 'bookmarks' in the pdf file to easily navigate through the document.
  • Rules and Regulations Concerning Approval and Operation of Automated Traffic Violation Monitoring Systems
    These Rules and Regulations have been promulgated pursuant to Section 31-41.2-3 of the Rhode Island General Laws of 1956, as amended, which authorizes the installation and operation of automated traffic violation monitoring systems within the State of Rhode Island, and in accordance with Section 42-35-1 et seq. of the Administrative Procedures Act.
  • Physical Alteration Permits
    Physical Alteration Permit Applications for both commercial and residential purposes, and Utility Permit Applications, as well as the Physical Alteration Permit Manual are now available in a printer friendly format under the Standards & Specifications section of the Engineering site.
  • How to Bid on a RIDOT Contract
    The RIDOT bid submission process has changed in recent years. If you have not bid in a while or would simply like a refresher course, RIDOT offers a Power Point presentation that goes through the basics of How to Bid on a RIDOT Contract. Check it out for questions about the basic bidding procedure.

  • How to Use Quest Lite
    The RIDOT bidding process is handled by a program called Quest Lite. Knowledge of how to use this program is a prerequisite to placing a bid with the RIDOT. RIDOT offers a basic primer detailing How to use RIDOT's Quest Lite. This power point will cover the basics and also explains how contractors can sign up for classes that will give them a more in depth look at the software.