RIDOT Bidding Opportunities

Construction Projects

RI Contract No. Project Description Bid Opening DBE Goal Resources
2021-CB-012Bridge Group 59C - Reconstruction of Reservoir Ave RR Bridge26 Jan 20215%Planholders List for 2021-CB-012 Questions & Answers for 2021-CB-012
2021-CT-001Statewide Striping - North26 Jan 20210%Planholders List for 2021-CT-001 Questions & Answers for 2021-CT-001
2020-CB-040Bridge Group 57J - Browning Mill29 Jan 202113Planholders List for 2020-CB-040 Questions & Answers for 2020-CB-040
2020-CH-065Pell Bridge Ramps Phase II29 Jan 202110%Planholders List for 2020-CH-065 Questions & Answers for 2020-CH-065

Professional Services

RI Contract No. Project Description Bid Opening DBE Goal Resources
7611801Pavement Preservation, Resurfacing, and Highway Improvements Eng Task Order Program 303 Feb 20219% Questions & Answers for 7611801
7611810TF Green Airport Station Proposed Intercity Rail Service Prelim Design & Env Assessment11 Feb 202110% MBE Questions & Answers for 7611810

A Bidder Certification Cover Sheet MUST accompany each response. Should you need assistance in registering or downloading a bid, call (401) 222-3766.
Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Unless otherwise directed, forms for competitive bidding shall be generated by bid preparation software furnished by:

    Rhode Island Department of Transportation
    Contract Administration
    Two Capitol Hill, Room 110
    Providence, Rhode Island

The Plans, Specifications and Special Provisions are available every weekday except holidays between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Questions?
Call us (401) 222-2495.

RIDOT Bid Board

Below is a listing of all bids on the new platform. Plan holder lists for all active bids can be accessed by clicking VIEW PLAN HOLDER LIST. Questions and answers related to bids are visible after logging into OSP and navigating to the Collaboration Center for each bid. Additional resources on registering for OSP and using the new platform can be found here www.ridop.ri.gov/osp.

Bid Board