Highway Advisory Radio

Get up-to-the-minute traffic information and other important announcements on 1630 AM. We have 13 highway advisory radio transmitters to inform you about road conditions in all areas of Rhode Island.

HAR tower Highway Advisory Radio Towers (click on image to listen and/or read the latest advisory)

HAR Map Providence Johnston Pawtucket Newport Tiverton Narragansett North Kingstown Richmond South Kingstown Westerly Cranston Warwick


This is WPQB 6 6 9, Providence, Pawtucket. and, WQKY 7 2 8, Cranston. The Rhode Island Department of Transportation's Highway Advisory Radio System,broadcasting on 1630 AM, with scheduled construction and information,for Monday through Friday.

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On route 6 east and westbound, on the 6, 10, interchange ramps, truck traffic is restricted to the right lane<----->On Interstate 1ninety5 westbound, exit 3, gayno street, will be closed through Fall of 2019,. a detour is in place using exit 2, south main street.<----->In PRovidence, on interstate ninety five north and south, at exit 19, there is a new traffic pattern in place, all lanes shift to the left, use caution as you approach and travel through this area.<----->On Route 6 East, from the glenbridge avenue overpass to route 6 A, left lane closed for construction, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.<----->The Rhode Island Department of Transportation can help make your commute to work easier, and less stressful. So, before leaving your home or office, log onto the DOT Travel Page, at www dot. ri. gov/travel, for live traffic camera images, incidents, or construction, taking place along your route.