Try the train - it's free

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) is encouraging Rhode Islanders to leave their cars at home for the daily trip to work, to catch a flight, or to visit the capital city by making in-state travel free on trains between Wickford Junction, T.F. Green and Providence stations.

RIDOT is making commuter rail service free from July 3 to the end of the year to raise awareness about this convenient transit service. RIDOT hopes it will also help people decide to make the train a way of life which will relieve them of the burden of parking in the city. More transit riders also mean less congestion on the busy Route 4 highway and in downtown Providence.

Parking at Wickford Junction Station is free year-round. The facility - located minutes from Exit 5 on Route 4 in North Kingstown - includes covered garage parking, restrooms, a climate-controlled indoor waiting area, electric car charging stations and vending machines.


What You Should Know

RIDOT Offering Free In-State Commuter Rail Trips Between Wickford Junction, T.F. Green And Providence Stations.

Wickford Junction and T.F. Green stations offer 20 weekday stops with service to Providence. The free travel is only to Providence, however travelers wishing to continue to Boston may purchase tickets on the train or through the MBTA's mobile ticketing app on their smartphones.

Wickford Junction Station is located at 1011 Ten Rod Road, in North Kingstown. T.F. Green Station is located at 700 Jefferson Blvd. in Warwick. Providence Station is located at 100 Gaspee St., Providence.

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