RhodeWorks is the plan by which we live at RIDOT

RhodeWorks - RIDOT 10 Year Plan

To stimulate growth that includes everyone, we need to attract businesses, build skills, and modernize our infrastructure. Rebuilding our roads and bridges will accelerate our economic comeback both because it will put people to work now, and because it will make Rhode Island a more attractive place for businesses to invest.

  • RhodeWorks became law in 2016, with help from many mayors
  • RhodeWorks includes asset management, complete reorganization of RIDOT, strict accountability
  • The 10-Year Plan is the roadmap. It is also known as the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)
  • Asset Management approach to selecting projects is saving
    $1B in first 10 years
  • No project starts until we identify funding
  • Projects selected based on their life cycle, not politics

RhodeWorks STIP Project Dashboard | Find Projects in Your Community

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