Bridge Group 32

  • Bridge Group 32 Project
    Huntington South Bridge, Cranston RI
  • Bridge Group 32 Project
    Elmwood Ave Northbound I-95 Overpass, Cranston RI
  • Bridge Group 32 Project
    Elmwood Ave Southbound I-95 Overpass, Cranston RI
  • Bridge Group 32 Project
    Elmwood Ave I-95 Overpass, Cranston RI

The Project

Our Bridge Group 32 project will address four bridges on the Cranston/Providence line. It includes replacing the bridges carrying I-95 over Elmwood Avenue and Wellington Avenue, as well as rehabilitation of the ramp bridges carrying traffic from I-95 North to Route 10 North (Huntington North) and Route 10 South to I-95 North (Huntington South).

Lane shifts will be put into place in the 2021 construction season on the two ramp bridges to accommodate the bridge rehabilitation work, which will be done by the end of the year. RIDOT will employ accelerated bridge construction methods for the two larger bridges over Elmwood and Wellington avenues, including the use of a series of four weekend lane closures and shifts in 2022 for I-95. The same method was utilized successfully in 2020 for replacement of the I-95 bridges over Roosevelt Avenue and East Street in Pawtucket.

RIDOT expects the weekend closures will create significant travel delays and will advertise each one well in advance. During those lane closure weekends, motorists will be advised to consider alternate routes such as I-295 and Route 10.


As part of an overnight milling operation for this ongoing project, we need to close Exit 16 off I-95 North at the Huntington South Bridge on Sunday-Tuesday nights and the on-ramp from Route 10 South to I-95 North at the Huntington North Bridge Tuesday-Thursday nights. Follow signed detours. Please note: the scheduled closures may change based upon our nightly progress, and motorists should use caution when driving over the milled surfaces. Overnight alternating lane closures are also scheduled on I-95 before and after the Route 10 overpass next week as we continue our concrete repairs at these two bridges.

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