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The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) designs, constructs, and maintains the state's surface transportation system. With a staff of more than 700 transportation professionals, RIDOT serves as the steward of a statewide multimodal transportation network, consisting of 3,300 lane miles of roadway, 1,154 bridges, five rail stations, and more than 60 miles of bike and pedestrian paths.

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Rhode Island is widely regarded as having one of the nation's most distinct and rich environments. Iconic images dotting the state's landscape such as sunset over Newport Bridge or winding roads along the more than 400 miles of coastline continue to be powerful drivers for tourism and sources of great pride for residents. Indeed, the intersection of Rhode Island's natural and built environments has always made it a rather special point on our national map.

One of the most crucial components of a healthy economy and quality of place is a sound transportation system. Throughout the country, centers of transportation have long been catalysts for economic growth and innovation. And in Rhode Island, given its geographic location, this infrastructure has emerged as one of the state's most important assets. Rhode Island is the second most densely populated state in the nation and a critical link in the movement of people and goods throughout the Northeast corridor. Interstate 95, as it passes through the capital city, is one of the most heavily trafficked stretches of interstate in the East today.

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Protecting Our Environment

Protecting Our Environment

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Protecting Our Environment

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