RIDOT's Municipal Road & Bridge Fund Program

The Municipal Road Fund Program is administered by the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT). The program was created by Governor McKee and enacted by the General Assembly in the 2024 Appropriation Act with a funding of $20 million from the State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF) program...

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Municipal Road & Bridge Loan Program

RIDOT and the Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank (RIIB) will begin accepting new project applications for the 2024-2025 Municipal Road and Bridge Revolving Fund, supporting local road and bridge improvements across Rhode Island. The application period will begin on February 16, 2024 and close at 4:00 pm on March 14, 2024. Following submission, RIDOT will evaluate proposed infrastructure plans, identify eligible projects, and develop a Project Priority List (PPL), to be provided to the Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank and the Statewide Planning Program before May 1, 2024. The Department will hold a public hearing to afford all interested persons reasonable opportunity to submit data, views, or comments concerning the proposed PPL.

See letter, application form and regulations below, for more information.

RIDOT evaluated proposed infrastructure plans, identified eligible projects, and developed a PPL for the previous 2023-2024 program, which is attached for reference and has been provided to the Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank and Statewide Planning Program. Due to availability of funding, all communities that applied for funding were included on the list and are eligible for funding, subject to the rules and requirements of RIIB.

The letter and application form for this year’s program are linked below. If you have any additional questions regarding projects and submissions, please direct them to Ferdinand Ihenacho at 401-563-4467 or DOT.Planning@dot.ri.gov.

FINAL Municipal Road & Bridge Project Priority List 2023/2024 - January 2024

Community Project Name Funding Requested Score Rank
North Kingstown Route 102 Sidewalks* $250,000 89 1
North Kingstown Post Road $3,400,000 76 2
Pawtucket Pawtucket City Streets $3,000,000 75 3
North Kingstown West Main Street $2,600,000 74 4
North Kingstown Forge Road Dam* $150,000 71 5
Westerly White Rock Bridge $350,000 66 6
North Kingstown Walmsley Lane* $75,000 65 7
North Kingstown Wickford Waterfront $2,200,000 65 7
Richmond Richmond Town Roads $1,000,000 58 8
North Kingstown Roger Williams Drive Stormwater* $34,000 54 9
Westerly Bowling Lane $3,420,000 51 10
North Kingstown ASQAH Sewer Capacity Increase $2,000,000 50 11
North Kingstown Hatchery Road Bypass Bridge Approach - 23 12
Hopkinton Hopkinton Town Streets $1,000,000    
Richmond Richmond Town Streets $2,500,000    
TOTAL   $21,979,000    
* Project Includes Design Component Only

Minimum Standards for State and Municipal Road Repair for Utility Work

Federal Aid System Roads
State Road or Local Road?

If you spot a roadway hazard but aren't sure who to contact, visit our State-maintained roads web page to find out.

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