RIDOT Resurfacing Projects

RIDOT will spend about $500 million on paving projects over five years (2022-2027), thanks in large part to the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.  With many major bridge rehabilitation projects completed and underway, RIDOT is now using its funds to bring Rhode Island’s roads into a state of good repair – much to the relief of motorists throughout the state.

Before RhodeWorks, many paving projects were not done as well as they could have been but new paving standards at RIDOT demand that resurfacing projects take the road down to the depth necessary and then rebuild using state of the art techniques. Paving contractors are now paid based on the quality of the work they provide. 

At specific stages in the paving process, the contractor is required to bring core samples to RIDOT labs where in place density is measured.  We have standards for rideability that are applied when the job is close to completion and we have increased the polymer content in asphalt mixes to make the asphalt more flexible and stronger. There are new asphalt specs in place and the asphalt is tested at the mix sites before it ever goes on the roads. 

Overall, RIDOT will be milling more deeply than previously and then rebuilding the roads with several applications of asphalt.  The goal will be to rebuild roads that will last at least thirty years. See the table below for the paving construction schedule for the next two years.

Projects by City/Town

Projects Scheduled 2022

Airport Connector, US-1, RI-1A, Post Rd - $13 M

  • Airport Connector (I-95 to TF Green Airport)      Completed in 2022
  • US-1, Post Rd (Coronado Rd. to 6th Ave.)      Paving in 2024
  • RI-1A, Post Rd (US-1, Elmwood Ave to RI-117, Warwick Ave)      Completed in 2023

Route 1A, Boston Neck Road & South County Trail - $27.1 M

Charlestown, Narragansett, North Kingstown, South Kingstown
  • RI-1A, Boston Neck Rd (Sprague Bridge to Bridgetown Rd) Narragansett      Completed in 2023
  • RI-1A, Boston Neck Rd (Bridgetown Rd. to RI-138) Narragansett, North Kingstown      Completed in 2023
  • RI-1A, Boston Neck Rd (RI-138 to Fairway Dr.) North Kingstown      Completed in 2023
  • RI-2, South County Trail (RI-138 to RI-102) South Kingstown, Exeter, North Kingstown      Completed in 2022
  • RI-2, South County Trail (Charlestown Town Line to RI-138) Charlestown, South Kingstown      Completed in 2023

East Shore Expressway & Wampanoag Trail - $11.1 M

East Providence, Barrington
  • US-6 to Federal Rd.      Completed in 2022

Interstate Resurfacing, I-295 & I-95 - $36.8 M

Warwick to Cumberland and Pawtucket
  • I-295 (I-95 to RI-5)      Completed in 2023
  • I-295 (RI-5 to Massachusetts State Line)      Completed in 2022
  • I-95 (Lonsdale Ave to RI-15 Exchange St)      Completed in 2023

Rt 138A - Aquidneck Ave (E Main Rd - Green End Ave) - $9 M

  • RI-138A, Aquidneck Ave (RI-138 to Green End Ave)      Completed in 2023

Routes 4, 14, 117 & 138 - $4 M

North Kingstown, Johnston, Cranston, Warwick, Middletown, Portsmouth & West Warwick
  • RI-4 (near Amtrak RR) - North Kingstown      Completed in 2022
  • RI-14 (Sailor Way to Blue Jay Dr.) - Johnston, Cranston      Completed in 2022
  • RI-117 (Coit Ave. to Quaker Lane and Scott Elementary School to Hardig Rd.) Warwick      Completed in 2022
  • RI-138 (Turner Rd. to Turnpike Lane) Middletown, Portsmouth      Completed in 2022
  • Fairview Ave. Bridge - West Warwick      Completed in 2022

Route 6, East Road & Route 94 - $13.6 M

Johnston, Providence, Tiverton, Foster & Glocester
  • US-6 East (I-295 to Glenbridge Ave.) Johnston, Providence      Completed in 2022
  • East Road (RI-179 to RI-81) Tiverton      Completed in 2022
  • RI-94, Reynolds Rd (RI-101 to US-44) - Foster, Glocester      Completed in 2022

Projects Scheduled 2023

Interstate Resurfacing, I-95 - $19.3 M

Hopkinton, Richmond
  • I-95 (Connecticut State Line to Baker Pines Rd.)      Completed in 2023

US-1, Tower Hill Rd - $31.5 M

North Kingstown, South Kingstown
  • US-1, Tower Hill Rd (Stedman Government Center to Gilbert Stuart Road)      Paving in 2024
  • US-1, Tower Hill Rd (Gilbert Stuart Road to RI-4)      Paving in 2025

RI-103, RI-136, Pawtucket Ave, Bullocks Point Ave, Market Street, and Willet Ave - $20.3 M

East Providence, Warren
  • RI-103, Pawtucket Ave, Bullocks Point Ave (Crescent View Ave to Veterans Mem. Ave)      Paving in 2025
  • RI-136, Market Street (Schoolhouse Road to MA State Line)      Paving in 2025
  • RI-103, Willett Ave (Bullocks Point Ave to Wampanoag Trail)      Paving in 2025
  • Veterans Memorial Parkway (Warren Ave to South Broadway)      Paving in 2025

US-1, Post Road, Franklin Street, Granite Street - $21.9 M

Westerly, Charlestown
  • US-1, Franklin & Granite Streets (Bellaire St. to Union St.)      Paving in 2024
  • US-1, Post Rd (Robin Hollow Rd. to Tamanaco Dr.)      Completed in 2023

RI-116, Angell Road, RI-122, Mendon Rd - $16.6 M

  • RI-116, Angell Road (RI-122 to RI-114)      Paving in 2024
  • RI-122, Mendon Road (I-295 to Ann and Hope Way)      Paving in 2024

Mendon Rd, RI 122 - $10.2 M

Cumberland, Woonsocket
  • Mendon Rd (RI-122 to RI-114)      Paving in 2024

US-44, Putnam Pike, Reservoir Rd - $ 5.2 M

Glocester, Burrillville
  • US-44 Putnam Pike (Reservoir Rd. to Money Hill Rd.)      Paving in 2024
  • Reservoir Rd. (US-44 to South Main St.)      Paving in 2024

RI-117, Centerville Rd, West Shore Rd - $15.4 M

  • RI-117, Centerville Rd (Quaker Ln to I-95)      Paving in 2024
  • RI-117, West Shore Rd (RI-117A to Delwood Ave)      Paving in 2024

Washington Secondary Bike Path Resurfacing - $7.6 M

Coventry, Cranston, Warwick, West Warwick
  • Depot Ave in Cranston to Whitford St in Coventry      Paving in 2024

Projects Scheduled 2024

Bridge Group 97 - Warwick Corridor - $102 M

  • US-1; Post Rd (RI-113 to Coronado Rd)
  • RI-2, Bald Hill Rd (RI-113 to I-295)
  • RI-113, East Ave & Main Ave (RI-2 to RI-117)
  • RI-117, West Shore Rd (Long St to Oakland Beach Ave)
  • East Avenue Bridge No. 682
  • East Avenue West Bridge No. 720

RI-7 - Douglas Pike - $26.3 M

Burrillville, North Smithfield, Smithfield, Lincoln, North Providence, Providence
  • RI-7 - Douglas Pike (Providence City Line to Burrillville)

RI-138, East Main Rd - $34.1 M

Middletown, Portsmouth
  • RI-138, East Main Rd (Turnpike to Aquidneck Ave.)

Pavement Improvements - Hartford Ave - $13.8 M

Johnston, Providence
  • RI-6A, Hartford Ave (RI-5 to Killingly St)

Multiple Locations - $30.1 M

Little Compton, Tiverton
  • Souza Rd (RI-138 to Fish Rd)
  • Riverside Dr (Rt 77 to RI-24)
  • RI-77, Main Rd (Highland Rd to Evans Ave)
  • Fish Rd (RI-177 to Sterling Dr)
  • Highland Rd (Bridgeport Rd to RI-77)
  • Bridgeport Rd (RI-177 to Highland Rd
  • East Main Rd (Simmons Rd to Peckham Rd)
  • Simmons Rd (Willow Ave to East Main Rd)
  • Riverside Dr (Rt 77 to RI-24)
  • South of Commons Rd (Brownell Rd to Commons St)
  • Meetinghouse Ln (Commons Rd to RI-77)
  • Commons St (Meetinghouse Ln to South of Commons Rd)

Pavement Improvements - School St - $6.1 M

  • School St (RI-126 to Main St Albion)