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The Project

RIDOT inspects over 1200 bridges throughout the state.  Our bridges, like all of our assets (roads, railroad stations, culverts) are included in our asset management program.  This means that they are assessed to see what condition they are in and then scheduled for maintenance or replacement accordingly.  RIDOT inspects every bridge categorized as poor, at a minimum annually, and some as often as every three months.  We inspect all other bridges in fair or good condition, at least every two years, and some as often as annually, based on bridge-specific features.

Since the beginning of the RhodeWorks program in 2016, RIDOT has reconstructed or replaced 269 bridges.  In order to have complete accountability, we have constructed an interactive map that shows the condition of every bridge in the state, when it was built, and when it was last inspected.  You can see the map below and find the bridge of interest to you.


Interactive Bridge Data - Public Dashboard