Research testing

We have a robust research division here at RIDOT. We are involved with state, regional and national research programs and projects, with the ultimate goal of advancing the level of knowledge in the field of transportation. We accomplish this both with in-house research and working with partners, particularly the University of Rhode Island.

SHRP2: Bringing Research to Reality

One of our prime areas of focus is a program aimed at quickly bringing research to reality to help us with the maintenance and construction of Rhode Island's transportation infrastructure.

The second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP 2) was authorized by Congress to address some of the most pressing needs facing the nation's highway system. Our current research focus areas include:


Developing technologies and institutional solutions to support systematic rehabilitation of our highway infrastructure. In doing so, our goal is to provide rapid improvements with minimal disruption to users.


Developing basic analytical techniques, design procedures, and institutional approaches to address everyday events - such as crashes, work zones, special events, and inclement weather - that result in congestion that makes travel unreliable.


Developing a web-based tool to provide accurate data and collaborative decision-making in the development of new highway capacity. A key focus is expediated projects always with an eye toward all economic, community, and environmental objectives associated with new construction.