RIDOT "InRhodes" Program

Adopt-a-Spot | Adopt-a-Roadway | Adopt-a-Highway

You can play an important role in keeping our roadways beautiful and free of litter! We have three unique programs that allow individuals, business and organizations to adopt or sponsor a section of road. Apply today!


The Adopt-a-Spot Program is designed to encourage landscaping in small locations such as traffic islands, median strips, and other undeveloped areas near roads and intersections.

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Adopt-A-Roadway (Formerly Adopt-a-Highway)

The Adopt-a-Roadway program is open to volunteers interested in picking up litter along a 2-mile section of a state road close to you. Adoptions last a period of two years and applicants may apply to any available segment of state roadway with a speed limit of 35 MPH or less.

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Adopt-A-Highway (Formerly Sponsor-a-Highway)

The Adopt-a-Highway program is a means for businesses, private citizens, organizations, non-profit groups and/or individuals to help their state by sponsoring a two-mile segment of highway.

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Programming Services Officer & Meteorologist
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