Bidding Opportunities

Construction Projects

RI Contract No. Project Description Bid Opening DBE Goal Resources
 2018-CH-078 Improvements to Nyatt Road  14 Aug 2018 20% Planholders List for 2018-CH-078 Questions & Answers for 2018-CH-078
 2018-DB-010 Design Build Services for the Pawtucket/Central Falls Bus Hub & Commuter Rail Station with Transit Emphasis Corridor 17 Aug 2018 8% Design 8% ConstructionPlanholders List for 2018-DB-010 Questions & Answers for 2018-DB-010
 2018-CH-072 Intersection Safety Improvements to Route 44  21 Aug 2018 10%Planholders List for 2018-CH-072 Questions & Answers for 2018-CH-072
 2017-CB-054 Replacement of Park Avenue Bridge 21 Aug 2018 10% MBEPlanholders List for 2017-CB-054 Questions & Answers for 2017-CB-054
 2017-CT-082 Wrong Way Driving Mitigation - Highway Safety Improvement Program ITS Locations 24 Aug 2018 20%Planholders List for 2017-CT-082 Questions & Answers for 2017-CT-082
 2018-CT-041 Safe Routes to School Contract 3 24 Aug 2018 15%Planholders List for 2018-CT-041 Questions & Answers for 2018-CT-041
 2018-CT-044 Safe Routes to School Contract 1A (Barrington) 31 Aug 2018 10%Planholders List for 2018-CT-044 Questions & Answers for 2018-CT-044
 2018-DB-008  Design-Build Replacement of Farnum Pike Bridges Nos. 044101 & 044121  14 Sep 2018 15% Construction 10% DesignPlanholders List for 2018-DB-008 Questions & Answers for 2018-DB-008
 2018-DB-009 Design-Build Louisquisset Pike Bridges 19 Sep 2018 10% Construction 10% DesignPlanholders List for 2018-DB-009 Questions & Answers for 2018-DB-009

Professional Services

RI Contract No. Project Description Bid Opening DBE Goal Resources
Bid No. 7596553ON-CALL TASK ORDER ENGINEERING PROGRAM - VERTICAL CONSTRUCTION AND FACILITIES - See State Purchasing for RFP05 Sep 2018MBE: Zero Questions & Answers for Bid No. 7596553
CR 43CONTINUOUS RECRUITMENT for Independent Cost Estimating Services31 Dec 2019NONE

A Bidder Certification Cover Sheet MUST accompany each response. Should you need assistance in registering or downloading a bid, call (401) 222-3766. Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Unless otherwise directed, forms for competitive bidding shall be generated by bid preparation software furnished by:

    Rhode Island Department of Transportation
    Contract Administration
    Two Capitol Hill, Room 110
    Providence, Rhode Island

The Plans, Specifications and Special Provisions are available every weekday except holidays between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Questions? Call us (401) 222-2495

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