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RIDOT had developed a streamlined process to fulfill public records requests.

While not required, filling out and submitting our Public Records Request Form will allow you to clearly indicate the documents you are seeking while helping us fulfill your request as quickly as possible...

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If you are interested in purchasing, leasing or licensing property owned by the R.I. Department of Transportation...

Bidding Opportunities

C #2021-DB-015

RFP - Design Build Route 146 Reconstruction (Solicitation Documents Available Online at Bid Number 7611863)

Bid Opening: 01 Dec 2021

DBE Goal - 10% Const. 10% Design
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C #2021-CB-063

Bridge Group 69E - Hunts Mill

Bid Opening: 05 Oct 2021

DBE Goal - 9%
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PS #2021-EB-024

Bridge Group 95 - Route 4/95 & Route 403 Ramps Design & Construction Phase Services

Bid Opening: 30 Sep 2021

DBE Goal - 7%
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C Contractors PS Professional Services

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Recent Bid Results

Bridge Group 51A - Rt 37 C-2
Bid Amount: $57,979,896.44

Hope Village Streetscape and Main Street Improvements to Route 115
Bid Amount: $1,532,657.46

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