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Fall 2008 Iway Ramp Openings and Closings - Take the Right way to the Iway

Fall changes on the IwayTraffic on I-95 South headed to Exit 20 to I-195 East should stay to the right to access a new ramp connecting the two highways through the new Iway bridge. Through traffic on I-95 South should stay to the left to continue south on I-95.

Click here or on the ramp at right for a large, printable version of the map detailing the changes which took place in December.

I-195 East ramps now closed with the opening of the new Exit 20

  • Exits closed
    Old I-195 EB Exit 1 (Downtown- Eddy/Dyer)
    Old I-195 EB Exit 2 (Wickenden St.)
  • On-ramps closed
    Hoppin St. on-ramp
    Eddy/Dyer St. on-ramp
    So. Water St. on-ramp

Missed new Exit 20? There is an easy way to I-195 East if you missed the new Exit 20. Do not stop, back up or weave suddenly across lanes. These unsafe actions can cause accidents and congestion, making for a much longer delay in getting home as compared with reversing direction at another exit.

The best route is to follow I-95 South to Exit 18 (Thurbers Avenue). Take a left at the end of the ramp. After passing underneath the highway, take an immediate left onto I-95 North, then use Exit 19 to I-195 East. The total detour is approximately 2 miles long. Click here to open a Google Maps route.

New on-ramp open: The opening of the I-95 South Exit 20 ramp was accompanied by the opening of a new Plain St. ramp to I-195 East. Convenient to motorists in the hospital area or the Jewelry District headed to I-195 East, the Plain St. ramp is the permanent replacement for the old Friendship St. ramp.

With the new Exit 20, traffic on I-95 South can no longer access Exits 1 (Downtown) and 2 (Wickenden Street) from the old I-195. To reach:

  • Downcity -  use Exit 22 (Downtown) or Exit 21 (Atwells Ave.).
  • The Courthouse District - use Exit 22 (Downtown) to Memorial Blvd.
  • The Jewelry District - use Exit 21 (Atwells Ave.) and follow the southbound Service Rd. to Point St. or use Exit 19 to Eddy St.
  • College Hill/Fox Point/Lower East Side areas - take new Exit 20 to the Iway and use Exit 2 (India St.)
  • Click here for a map of suggested alternate inbound routes once the old I-195 EB ramp closes
  • If you miss the new Exit 20 - use Exit 18 (Thurbers Ave.) to reverse direction and access the Iway at Exit 19 from I-95 North.

Ramp access to and from the Iway has changed at several locations through fall 2008. Map of all fall changes. All openings, closings and construction are weather permitting. Previous to the December changes, in early November RIDOT permanently closed the Broad Street on-ramp to I-95 South (ramp alongside Crossroads Rhode Island, the former Providence YMCA). Alternate routes depend on where you're coming from:

  • Downcity? Use the Dorrance Street on-ramp to old I-195 West and I-95 South, or Memorial Boulevard to either I-95 South or the Route 6/10 Connector.
  • Are you west of I-95? Follow a signed detour using Point St., Richmond St., Eddy St. and Allens Ave. to a new temporary Blackstone St. on-ramp to I-95 SB, opened in late October.
  • Are you closer to Route 6/10? Follow Westminster Sr. or Broadway to the Route 6/10 Connector at Tobey St., and connect with I-95 South in Cranston.
  • Click here for a map of suggested alternate outbound routes to I-95 South once the Broad St. on-ramp closes

Interactive Routes using Google Earth - Notes on Google Earth: Google Earth is a free program separate from your internet browser. To download a copy of Google Earth, click here. Directions for using flyover detour maps, once Google Earth is installed.

    • Click on link for desired detour route.
      Google Earth will load in its own window with detour displayed.
      If detour route is not shown, make sure there is a check mark in the box next to the detour name.
    • For basic flyover (which pauses at directional changes):
      Select "Play Tour" from Tools menu

Google Earth Tours for new routes to Providence locations with the opening of the new Exit 20 and the opening of the Plain St. on-ramp to I-195 East. Please see "Notes on Google Earth" above.

Exiting Providence locations:

Google Earth routes from I-95 North