Route 37 Improvements

  • Route 37 Improvements - Cranston, Warwick
    Route 37 Improvements - Cranston, Warwick
  • Pontiac Ave Bridge Deck
    Pontiac Avenue Bridge Deck
  • RIDOT Division Street Bridges Project
    Route 37 Improvements - Cranston, Warwick
  • Route 37 Improvements - Cranston, Warwick
    Route 37 at Jefferson Boulevard, Warwick

The Project

Improvements to Route 37 will be made in two separate projects that will rehabilitate or replace 22 bridges and make safety and congestion improvements in this critical east-west freeway in central Rhode Island, linking the cities of Cranston and Warwick, major retail, office and residential areas, Interstate highways and Rhode Island T.F. Green International Airport. With a daily traffic count of 42,000 vehicles, Route 37 is one of the state's busiest corridors.

Built in the 1960s, this freeway’s bridges are now deteriorating under increasing vehicular volumes and freight demands. Almost half of the Route 37 bridges are classified as being in poor condition.

We are grateful for the efforts of Rhode Island’s Congressional delegation in securing a $20 million TIGER grant for Phase 1 and a $21 million BUILD grant for Phase 2 to make these improvements possible.

Phase 1 – Bridge Group 51A

The first project is underway now, and involves preservation, major rehabilitation, and/or reconstruction of 15 bridge structures between Route 1 (Post Road) in Warwick and the Pontiac Avenue interchange in Cranston. Six of these bridges are structurally deficient. Four of them will be replaced and the other two will be rehabilitated.

Our project also includes safety improvements at the Pontiac Avenue interchange from Route 37 West, widening the highway and ramps to eliminate chronic congestion and improve safety.

Phase 2 – Bridge Group 51B and the Cranston Canyon

The second contract will rebuild six bridges and build one new bridge along the Route 37 corridor west of Pontiac Avenue in Cranston. But it also will make a number of improvements to improve safety and reduce congestion at the interchange of Route 37 and I-295 and along I-295 itself in the section commonly known as “Cranston Canyon” because of the rocky walls along the highway. These include:

  • Creating a third lane at I-295 North with new pavement and minor widening, which will work as an auxiliary lane from Route 37 heading north
  • Extending this auxiliary lane northbound to the Route 6 interchange in Johnston
  • Shifting the ramp from Route 37 East to I-295 North from the high-speed lane to the right lane, improving safety and reducing conflicting movements
  • Repositioning the ramp from I-295 North to Route 37 West to eliminate a conflicting weave
  • Widening the ramp from Route 37 West to I-295 North to improve sight lines and reduce crashes

Phase 3 – Route 37 Right Size

The project will replace and rehabilitate six bridges carrying Route 37 over local roads, arterials, and rail lines, as well as right-sizing the highway corridor to ensure it meets Rhode Island’s transportation needs today, as Route 37 was overbuilt as part of a proposed highway expansion project that was never constructed.

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Project Schedule & Cost

Phase 1 – Warwick, Cranston
  • Location: Cranston/Warwick
  • Start Construction: 2020
  • Finish Construction: 2023
  • Total Projected Cost: $79.5 Million
  • Detours Needed: Yes
Phase 2 – Cranston
  • Location: Cranston
  • Start Phase Construction: 2022
  • Finish Phase Construction: 2026
  • Total Projected Cost: $85 Million
  • Detours Needed: Yes
Phase 3 – Cranston/Warwick
  • Location: Cranston/Warwick
  • Start Construction: TBD
  • Finish Construction: TBD
  • Total Projected Cost: $100 Million (estimated)
  • Detours Needed: Yes

Additional Information & Graphics

Appendices D&E Test Pit and Soil Boring Logs
Appendix B Release Notification
Appendix C Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Report
Appendix F Laboratory Data Reports
Site Investigation Report 11-22-2022 Main Body

DEM Environmental Report

As part of the above project, environmental investigation activities were performed along the shoulders and median of I-295 and on Cranston Street and the Washington Secondary Trail bike path to help guide soil management activities during construction and determine whether potentially hazardous materials are present in the areas where construction is being performed. Results of the environmental investigation have been compiled into a site investigation report that was submitted to RIDEM. A copy of the report is available for review below. For additional information regarding the environmental investigation or to make arrangement to review environmental records pertaining to this project, please contact Jeff Crawford at RIDEM at (401) 222-2797 x2777102


Bridge Group 51A: Pontiac Avenue to Post Road

Expect overnight alternating lane closures for bridge work and curbing installation on Route 37, from I-95 to Power Road, Sunday-Thursday nights from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. Weekday construction activities also require alternating lane closures on Route 37 West, from I-95 to Pontiac Avenue for sign work, Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., and on Pontiac Avenue, from Sockanosset Cross Road to the Route 37 East ramps for bridge work, Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Bridge Group 51B: I-295 area

Daytime construction activities will continue next week throughout the project limits within work zones behind barrier, and traffic on I-295 North and Route 37 East and West will continue to operate under temporary traffic patterns and reduced lane widths. Please continue to use caution when driving through the area.

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