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Antenna Installation

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation Survey Section is pleased to announce the installation of a Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS). The CORS/Reference Base Station, a Trimble 5700 Receiver with its Zephyr Geodetic Antenna, is located in Providence R.I. The CORS has been in operation since 2001, and the horizontal coordinates were established by GPS observations and adjusted by the National Geodetic Survey. This website is an essential resource for the precise Global Positioning System (GPS) user in Rhode Island. This page provides GPS users a convenient source of Community Base Station, GPS reference data downloads, and contains useful information for ALL users of GPS, both recreational and professional. It is intended for GPS-equipped surveyors (land, hydrographic, and engineering surveyors), and for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) developers who work with mapping.

gis installation 1 gis installation 2 gis installation 3

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