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Transportation Management Plans

Transportation Management Plans

Federal regulations now require Transportation Management Plans (TMPs) to be developed for all roadway/bridge projects funded with federal aid in order to help manage and mitigate the safety and mobility impacts of the projects during construction. In late 2008 RIDOT began requiring that TMPs be developed and used for not only large construction projects, but also for all planned (non-emergency) maintenance projects/activities and other activities requiring a Temporary Traffic Control Permit.

To assist designers in preparing TMPs for projects, the RIDOT has issued a set of four Microsoft Excel TMP Templates, once for each type of Work Zone Impact Level. The four TMP Templates include annotated notes to provide guidance to designers responsible for developing (“completing”) the TMPs.

The TMP Templates provide designers with better guidance on what TMPs should include, including an appropriate Public Information (PI) Plan and Transportation Operations (TO) Plan that often go a long way in helping to mitigate any negative impacts on road user mobility. By using dedicated TMPs (complete with Temporary Traffic Control (TTC), PI, and often, TO Plans) on both Significant and Non-Significant projects, the RIDOT can ensure that even the smallest projects (e.g., routine maintenance activities) are being analyzed prior to start of work in an effort to ensure that their impacts on safety and mobility will not be unacceptable.

Click on the links below to download the TMP Templates in Excel format, as well as a sample of a partially-completed TMP for a Level 1 Project in PDF format. For the latest versions of the TMP Templates please be sure to visit the RIDOT Project Management Portal (PMP) and browse the Documents for DPM 450.05.

Documents revised on November 6, 2009