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A Plan Toward Zero Deaths

Governor Lincoln D. Chafee on October 1 signed Rhode Island's 2012 Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP). The plan is a blueprint for moving Toward Zero Deaths, a national effort to cut traffic fatalities and serious injuries in half by 2030. Watch a video on TZD that premiered at the SHSP signing event.

Highway Safety Performance Plan

The Rhode Island Highway Safety Performance Plan serves as the State of Rhode Island’s application for Federal funds for highway safety programs. The goals for the RIDOT Office on Highway Safety are described in the plan, along with performance measures, and strategies related to the program areas.

Major program areas:

Common Seat Belt Questions

Common Child Seat Questions

Highway Safety

The DOT's Office on Highway Safety is part of the Rhode Island Department of Transportation, and conducts the state's Highway Safety efforts. The DOT OHS works with law enforcement agencies throughout the State to enhance enforcement of highway safety laws.

Francisco Lovera, P.E.
DOT's Office on Highway Safety
401- 222-2694 Ext. 4205

seat belt  logo Primary Seat Belt Law

Rhode Island has a primary seat belt law. Previously, Rhode Island had a secondary law, which only allowed law enforcement officers to cite motorists for not buckling up if they had been pulled over for another reason.

More than 30 states have primary seat belt laws, including Maine and Connecticut. Since Connecticut changed its law from a secondary to a primary offense, the state reports it has experienced its highest level of safety belt compliance. With the removal of a sunset provision on Rhode Island's primary belt law in June 2013, RIDOT expects seat belt usage to climb. This translates into lives saved!

Child Passenger Safety

Did you know that car crashes are the leading cause of death in children ages 1-12? We all think we are using the right child seat the right way, but studies shows that an average of three out of four kids are not properly secured. Visit SaveOurKidsRI.com to learn everything you need to know about safely buckling up your kids.

Seat Belt Grants

RIDOT and the Rhode Island Legislative Black and Latino Caucus are seeking proposals from community-based organizations for seat belt education campaigns. The Department is making $1 million available over a four-year period for programs that increase seat belt usage, including proper usage of child seats. Click here to learn more.

Buckle Up Shuffle

RIDOT hosted the “Buckle Up Shuffle Relay” Seat Belt Challenge on May 18, 2013 to help promote seat belt usage among teenagers in a unique, fun competition. View photos of the winning teams.


Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over logo Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over

Rhode Island is serious about drunk driving. Throughout the year, RIDOT coordinates with State and local police for special patrols to crack down on drinking and driving.

Drive Now Text Later logo Texting & Distracted Driving

Rhode Island law prohibits texting while driving for all drivers. Additionally, minor drivers are restricted from using any hand-held device while driving. Across the country, distracted driving is a huge problem. Those texting and driving are 23 times more likely to get into a crash - much higher odds than those driving with a blood alcohol content of .08.

Learn more:

  • RIDOT and the Rhode Island Attorney General's Office bring AT&T's "Txtng & Drivng ... It Can Wait" awareness campaign to high schools throughout Rhode Island

  • Distraction.gov - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website

    Obey the Sign or Pay the Fine

    RIDOT has active campaigns to discourage speeding. Speed was a likely factor in 40.9 percent of all fatalities for the 5 year average between 2006 and 2010. The statistics show that speeding-related fatal crashes in Rhode Island most frequently occur in April, June, and August; on weekend evenings; and between the hours of 6 p.m. and 3 a.m. with. The deadliest time for speed-related crashes is between midnight and 3 a.m.

    Click It or Ticket

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    Pawsox Motorcycle Skills Challenge Flyer - follow link for information RIDOT & Motorcycle Safety

    RIDOT and CCRI partnered to bring the first ever Motorcycle Skills Revival Rally to Rhode Island on Saturday April 28, 2012.

    A dozen licensed riders, of all abilities, came to refresh their skills with the assistance of three of CCRI’s finest Rider Coach Trainers. The newest riders had been riding for one month, and the most seasoned rider had been riding for 20 years. When asked why the seasoned rider attended he said, “The day I can’t learn something new is the day I hang up my helmet and stop riding.”

    All participants were very excited and said they enjoyed the opportunity to revive their riding skills after a winter hiatus. CCRI and RIDOT look forward to hosting this event again next year.

    Click on the video above to hear from riders about they value of wearing helmets and proper gear

    RIDOT strongly encourages all motorcycle riders - operators and passengers - to wear helmets at all times. More than half of all motorcycle fatalities in Rhode Island involve un-helmeted riders. Plus, about 40 percent of these fatalities involve alcohol impairment.

    2006-2012 Motorcycle Fatalities
    Year # Fatalities # Un-Helmeted Riders % of Un-Helmeted Riders

    Child restraints — when and how