Opening the Cranston Canyon:

Safety and Congestion Improvements to Route 37 and I-295

  • Cranston Canyon Improvements
    Route I-295 Looking North
  • Cranston Canyon Improvements
    Damage to Bridge Number 831
  • Cranston Canyon Improvements
    Route I-295 Looking South at Route 37 Overpass Bridges

The Project

The project proposed in the grant application will replace critical highway bridges, mitigate safety issues throughout the corridor, and improve the local transportation network by:

  1. Rebuilding six structures in Bridge Group 51B
  2. Creating a third lane at I-295 North with new pavement and minor widening, to treat as an auxiliary lane from Route 37 to top of hill;
  3. Carrying that third lane northbound to Plainfield Pike; 
  4. Shifting the Route 37 East Ramp to I-295 North from the high-speed lane to the right lane, improving safety and reducing conflicting movements;
  5. Repositioning the I-295 North ramp to Route 37 West to eliminate a conflicting weave; and
  6. Widening the Route 37 West Ramp to I-295 to improve sight lines and reduce crashes

Project Schedule & Cost

  • Location: Cranston
  • Start Construction: 2022
  • Finish Construction: 2026
  • Total Projected Cost: $85 Million
  • Detours Needed: Yes