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RIDOT Economic Recovery Program

RIDOT Economic Recovery Tools


2009 ARRA report - click to open The Economic Recovery program has been underway at RIDOT since 2009. Through an investment of $137 million, the Department is focusing on 62 projects impacting nearly all communities in Rhode Island. The links below can help you track a project from the start of the bid process through to the construction contract award. Follow a project through the process using its unique Rhode Island Contract Number.

Interactive ARRA Transportation Project Map

This map was produced jointly by RIDOT and the Office of Economic Recovery and Reinvestment. Visit their website for additional information. Click on the map below to explore the projects or download a static map showing ARRA project locations only.

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    Washington meeting

    RIDOT DIRECTOR Michael P. Lewis, fourth from left at table, met with USDOT Director Ray LaHood and transportation officials from across the nation at a February meeting in Washington on stimulus funding for transportation projects. On returning to Rhode Island, Director Lewis said, “We stand ready to put people to work. RIDOT expects to have every dollar spent by the deadline and may even be entitled to more. This could happen if other states can’t allocate all of their funds. Those unspent dollars will be redistributed to states ready to spend them and we will be in a position to spend more if we get more.”