Detour & Construction Maps

Metropolitan Providence

  6/10 Traffic Changes
Broadway Off-Ramp Closure
Suggested Detour for Ramp Closure
Westminster On-Ramp Intermittent Closures
Suggested Detour for Ramp Closure
Exit 23, Route 146 North Ramp Closure, Providence
Route 146 North Ramp Closure Suggested Detour
India Street Closure, Providence
India Street Closure Detour
Exit 22 B/C Ramp Closure, Providence
Exit 22 B/C Ramp Closure Detour
Washington Bridge Construction - East Providence & Providence
Overview Map & Gano Street Exit Detour
Washington Bridge Construction - I-195 Ramp Closure
I-195 Ramp Closure Detour
Washington Bridge Construction - I-195 Traffic Pattern
I-195 West/Washington Bridge Traffic Pattern Effective Fall 2018
Reservoir Avenue Bridge Closure, Cranston
Reservoir Avenue Bridge Suggested Detour
I-95/ROUTE 10 Interchange Closures, Cranston
Ramp Closures Suggested Detour
Route 12 East (Park Ave), Cranston
Route 12 East (Park Ave) Eastbound traffic detour
Lonsdale Bridge over I-95 (Pawtucket)
Lonsdale Bridge Northbound Lane Closure - Car & Truck Detour
Broadway Bridge over I-95 (Pawtucket)
Broadway Bridge Northbound Lane Closure - Detour
Main Street Bridge over I-95 (Pawtucket)
Main Street Bridge Southbound Lane Closure - Detour
East Street Detour (Pawtucket)
East Street Suggested Detour
East Street Truck Detour (Pawtucket)
East Street Suggested Truck Detour
I-95 Southbound Exit 30 Ramp Closure (Pawtucket)
Exit 30 Closure Detour
I-95 and Roosevelt Ave Closure (Pawtucket)
Roosevelt Ave Suggested Detour
Barton & Broad Street Truck Detours (Pawtucket)
Broad Street Northbound
Broad Street Southbound
Barton Street Eastbound
Barton Street Westbound
Barton Street Passenger Car Detours (Pawtucket)
Barton Street Passenger Car Detours
Bath Street Bridge Closure (Providence)
Bath Street Bridge Detour
Blackstone Street Closure (Providence)
Blackstone Street Detour
Parkway & Warren Ave Ramp Closure (E. Providence)
Parkway & Warren Ave Ramp Detour
Runnins River (Mink Street) Suggested Truck Detours (E. Providence)
Mink Steet Northbound
Mink Street Southbound

East Bay

Silver Creek Bridge Detour
Silver Creek Bridge Suggested Detour

Newport County

Nanaquaket Bridge Detour
Nanaquaket Pond Bridge Suggested Detour

Northern R.I. & Blackstone Valley

Gleaner Chapel Road Bridge, Scituate
Gleaner Chapel Bridge Suggested Detour
Route 116, Lincoln
Route 116 Suggested Detour
Manville Bridge, Cumberland
Manville Hill Road Bridge Suggested Detour
Diamond Hill Road, Cumberland
Diamond Hill Road New Traffic Pattern
Pound Hill Road, North Smithfield
Pound Hill Road Suggested Detour
Route 6 Bypass, Scituate
Route 6 Bypass Paving Closures Suggested Detour
Albion Bridges, Lincoln
Albion Bridges Closure Suggested Detour
Old Great Road, North Smithfield
Old Great Road Suggested Detour
Route 146 Corridor
Woonsocket Hill Road Bridge Detour
Slatersville Arch Bridge, North Smithfield
Automobile Detour
Suggested Truck Detour
Simmonsville Bridge Closure, Johnston
Simmonsville Bridge Detour
Winsor Ave Bridge Closure, Scituate/Johnston
Winsor Ave Detour

South County

Route 4 at Lafayette Road Overpass
Lafayette Road at Route 4 Overpass Suggested Detour
Lafayette Road Overpass Weekend Closures - Route 102 to Route 4 South
Route 102 to Route 4 South Suggested Detour
Route 78 Westbound Closure
Route 78 Suggested Detour (Westbound Traffic)
Wyoming Bridge Closure, Hope Valley
Wyoming Bridge Detour (Westbound Traffic)

West Bay

Centerville Road Bridges, Warwick
Centerville Road Bridges Closures - Suggested Detour
Toll Gate Road Bridges, Warwick
Toll Gate Road Closure Suggested Detour
Coronado Bridge, Warwick
Coronado Bridge Suggested Detours (Jefferson Blvd & Post Road)
Route 117 East (Centerville Road), Warwick
Route 117 (Centerville Road) Detour (Eastbound Traffic)
Shippeetown Road, East Greenwich
Shippeetown Road Detour (Southbound Traffic)
Barbs Hill Road, Coventry
Barbs Hill Road Bridge Detour

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Providence Station

Construction for improvements to the south plaza at Providence Station will impact parking, taxis, traffic patterns and pedestrians.

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Wickford Junction Station

Bus Park & Ride service is available at Wickford Junction, creating a transit hub with bus and rail service with four times as many trips to Providence as before.

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