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Interstate Exits in Rhode Island

Rhode Island has a total of 68.53 miles of interstate highway.

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I-95 Exits

I-95 is 42.36 miles long in Rhode Island

  • I-95 in Rhode Island begins at the Connecticut State Line
    Exit 1 (Mile 1) RI Route 3, Hopkinton; South to Westerly, Westerly Hospital and Rhode Island ocean beaches
  • Exit 2 (Mile 5) Alton Rd., Hope Valley, Hopkinton
  • Exit 3A/3B (Mile 8) RI Route 138, Richmond; East to University of RI, Narragansett Bay bridges to Jamestown and Newport, continue to Cape Cod
  • Exit 4 (Mile 10) I-95 Northbound only. RI Route 3, Richmond; to RI Route 165, Arcadia and Exeter
  • Exit 5A/5B (Mile 14) RI Route 102, West Greenwich; North to University of RI Alton Jones campus and Foster, South to Exeter and North Kingstown
  • Exit 6 (Mile 19) RI Route 3, West Greenwich; Coventry
  • Exit 6A (Mile 20) Hopkins Hill Rd., West Greenwich; Coventry
  • Exit 7 (Mile 22) New London Turnpike, Coventry; West Warwick
  • Exit 8A/8B (Mile 24) RI Route 2, West Warwick; North to Route 2 shopping malls; South to East Greenwich) (NOTE: No Northbound Exit 9, use Exit 8)
  • Exit 9 (Mile 25) I-95 Southbound only. RI Route 4 (limited access highway), East Greenwich; to South County and Narragansett Bay beaches
  • Exit 10A/10B (Mile 27) - RI Route 117/Centerville Rd., Kent Hospital, Warwick; to West Warwick
  • Exit 11 (Mile 28) I-95 Northbound only. Junction I-295 (limited access highway), Warwick; to RI Routes 113 and 2 shopping malls
  • Exit 12 (Mile 28) RI Route 113, Warwick; I-295
  • Exit 13 (Mile 30) Airport Connector (limited access highway), Warwick; to US 1/Post Rd. and T.F. Green Airport (PVD)
  • Exit 14 (Mile 31) RI Route 37 (limited access highway), Warwick/Cranston; East to U.S. Route 1; West to RI Route 2 and Garden City Shopping Center
  • Exit 15 (Mile 32) Jefferson Blvd., Warwick
  • Exit 16 (Mile 34) RI Route10 (limited access highway), Cranston; East to U.S. 1/Elmwood Ave., Roger Williams Park, Park Ave., West to RI Route 2 /Reservoir Ave., Cranston
  • Exit 17 (Mile 34) I-95 Southbound only. U.S. 1/Elmwood Ave., Providence to Roger Williams Park
  • Exit 18 (Mile 35) US 1A /Allens Ave. and Thurbers Ave., Providence (Northbound use Exit 18 to Thurbers Ave. and Eddy St. to RI Trauma Center at Rhode Island Hospital)
  • Exit 19 (Mile 36) I-95 Northbound - I-195 EB on the new Iway to East Providence and Cape Cod; I-95 Southbound - Eddy St., Borden St., Providence RI Trauma Center at Rhode Island Hospital
  • Exit 20 (Mile 37) I-95 Northbound - Point St. I-95 Southbound - I-195/U.S. Route 6 East (limited access highway) to Downtown Providence, East Providence and Cape Cod
  • Exit 21 (Mile 37) Broadway, Atwells Avenue, Downtown Providence, Federal Hill
  • Exit 22 (Mile 38) US 6/RI Route 10 (limited access highways), Memorial Blvd., Downtown Providence, Providence Place Mall
  • Exit 23 (Mile 38) RI 146 (limited access highway), RI Route 7/Douglas Ave., Charles St., State Offices, RI Rte. 44/Smith St. to Providence College and Rhode Island College, Providence
  • Exit 24 (Mile 39) Branch Ave., Providence
  • Exit 25 (Mile 40) U.S. 1/North Main St., RI Route 126/Smithfield Ave., Bus Station, Miriam Hospital, Providence
  • Exit 26 (Mile 41) I-95 Northbound only. RI Route 122/Lonsdale Ave., Main St., Pawtucket
  • Exit 27 (Mile 42) George St., Cedar St., DMV, McCoy Stadium, Downtown Pawtucket, No. Providence
  • Exit 28 (Mile 42) I-95 Northbound only. RI Route 114/School St.; Slater Mill, McCoy Stadium, Memorial Hospital, Pawtucket
  • Exit 29 (Mile 43) - US 1/Broadway, Cottage St., Downtown Pawtucket
  • Exit 30 (Mile 43) - East St., Roosevelt Ave., Central Falls
  • I-95 in Rhode Island ends at the Massachusetts State Line

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I-195 Exits in Rhode Island

I-195 is 3.82 miles long in Rhode Isand

  • I-195 begins at I-95, Exit 19 (NB) 20 (SB) in Providence
  • Exit 1A (Mile .5) I-195 Westbound only, Point St., Providence
  • Exit 1B (Mile .5) I-195 Westbound only, Eddy St., Providence
  • Exit 2 (Mile 1), Westbound, South Main St., Eastbound, India St./Gano St., Providence
  • Exit 3 (Mile 1.5), Westbound only, Gano St., India Point, Providence
  • Exit 4 (Mile 2) I-195 Eastbound only. US 44/Taunton Ave., East Providence, Veterans Memorial Pkwy, Riverside
  • Exit 5 (Mile 2.2) RI Route 103/Warren Ave., East Providence
  • Exit 6 (Mile 3) RI Route 103 East/Broadway, East Providence to U.S. 44
  • Exit 7 (Mile 3.7) U.S. 6 East, RI Route 114/East Shore Expressway, East Providence, to Barrington, Warren, Seekonk (MA)
  • Exit 8 (Mile 3.7) US 1A/Pawtucket Ave., RI Route 114/Warren Ave., E. Providence
  • I-195 in Rhode Island ends at the Massachusetts State Line

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I-295 Exits in Rhode Island

I-295 is 22.35 miles long in Rhode Island

  • I-295 begins at I-Interstate 95 Exit 12 in Warwick
  • Exit 1 (Mile .5) RI Route 113/Centerville Rd., Warwick
  • Exit 2: (Mile 1) RI Route 2 (Bald Hill Rd.), Warwick
  • Exit 3: (Mile 3) RI Route 37, Cranston (limited access highway) to Route 2/New London Ave., Cranston, US 1, Warwick
  • Exit 4: (Mile 5) RI Route 14/Plainfield Pike, Cranston/Johnston
  • Exit 5: (Mile 8) Scituate Ave., Johnston
  • Exit 6: (Mile 10) US 6 and US 6A/Hartford Ave., Johnston (limited access highway EB) to Providence
  • Exit 7: (Mile 13) US 44/Putnam Pike , No. Providence, Smithfield
  • Exit 8: (Mile 16) RI Route 7, No. Providence, No. Smithfield, Burrillville
  • Exit 9: (Mile 19) RI Route 146, (limited access highway) to Woonsocket, Worcester
  • Exit 10: (Mile 21) RI Route 122 /Mendon Rd., Cumberland
  • Exit 11: (Mile 22) RI Route 114/Diamond Hill Rd., Cumberland
  • I-295 in Rhode Island ends at the Massachusetts State Line