Aquidneck Avenue

  • Aquidneck Road, Middletown RI
    Aquidneck Avenue Northbound, Middletown RI
  • Aquidneck Road, Middletown RI
    Aquidneck Avenue Southbound, Middletown RI

The Project

RIDOT is rebuilding a badly deteriorated section of Aquidneck Avenue from East Main Road to Green End Avenue, a bustling 1-mile commercial corridor in Middletown. The $9 million project will not only address the poor-quality pavement, it also will make numerous safety improvements for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Along this section we will use a process called pavement reclamation in which the base of the roadway is rebuilt to provide a long-lasting repair of the driving surface. We also coordinated with the Newport Water Department to install a water main on a portion of the roadway – with Newport and Middletown each contributing up to $267,000 for it – as part of the project. This minimizes the overall disruption to motorists with only one construction project instead of two.

The Aquidneck Avenue project also will improve pedestrian safety with new sidewalks along the western side of the road and pedestrian crossing features at the entrance to J.H. Gaudet Middle School. RIDOT also will install bike lanes along the corridor, supporting alternative forms of transportation that result in improved air quality through reduced automobile emissions.

Project Schedule & Cost

  • Location: Middletown
  • Start Construction: 2022
  • Finish Construction: 2023
  • Total Projected Cost: $9 Million
  • Detours Needed: TBD


Next week, we will continue our off-road operations, including raising fire hydrants, and doing drainage work. We don’t anticipate any traffic impacts from our ongoing construction at this project until the spring.

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