Henderson Bridge No. 600 & Henderson Expressway

  • RIDOT Henderson Bridge Project
    Henderson Bridge Providence | East Providence
  • RIDOT Henderson Bridge Project
    Henderson Bridge Concept Rendering Looking East
  • RIDOT Henderson Bridge Project
    Henderson Bridge & Expressway Concept Rendering Looking North

The Project

Proposed Improvements - Henderson Bridge was declared structurally deficient in 1996, the first year that RIDOT started keeping records. This year, thanks to the help of our Congressional delegation, RIDOT will rebuild it using an additional $54.5 million in federal funds. The total cost for this project is $84.4 million.

Known as the Red Bridge, Henderson is a 26-span steel girder structure spanning 2,000 feet over the Seekonk River. It carries 20,000 vehicles per day and connects the cities of Providence and East Providence.

The bridge was over built. RIDOT will demolish it and build a narrower structure with two lanes of traffic westbound and one lane eastbound.

Project Features

  • Replaces 6 Lane Structurally Deficient Bridge with a 3- lane bridge
  • Converts Interchanges to At-Grade Intersections
  • Provides a Separated Bike/Ped Infrastructure
  • Provides economic development opportunities

The cities of Providence and East Providence collaborated to outline the attributes they wanted this project to have.

These include spaces that will benefit both commuters and those seeking recreation. The new structure will have a shared use bike path connecting the on-street bicycle networks in East Providence and Providence as well as the Blackstone River Bikeway.

By reducing the structural footprint RIDOT will decrease the percentage of structurally deficient bridge area in the state by 12 percent. The new smaller bridge will provide better access management for future development of approximately 25 acres and will decrease the need for maintenance.

Project Schedule & Cost

  • Location: Providence/East Providence
  • Start Construction: 2020
  • Finish Construction: 2025
  • Total Projected Cost: $84.4 Million
  • Detours Needed: Limited

Henderson Bridge & Expressway Virtual Town Hall Meeting

Download Virtual Meeting Question & Answers Report

Henderson Bridge Project Benefits

  • More Efficient Roadway Network to Support Economic Development
  • Up to 25 Acres of Land Made Available
  • 75% Reduction in Project Area Structure Footprint
  • 12% Reduction of Statewide Structurally Deficient Bridge Area
  • Lower Future Maintenance Cost


To continue demolition and steel girder removal at the old Henderson Bridge, we need to close East River Street/River Drive, from Waterman Street to Angell Street to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic, weekdays from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Please follow signed detours. Lane narrowing, and the closure of the Henderson Parkway eastbound bypass lane to Waterfront Drive southbound, are also anticipated weekdays from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. This will allow us to prepare for final paving on Massasoit Avenue, from the roundabout to Dexter Road, the Henderson Parkway eastbound, from the bridge to the roundabout, and Waterfront Drive, from Waterman Avenue to Massasoit Avenue at Dexter Street.

Click here for the latest lane closure information