Providence Station State of Good Repair Project

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The Renovation of Providence Station

Providence Station is about to get a long-awaited and well-deserved renovation that will make it once again the vibrant urban transit center it is meant to be. This station services more than two million passengers a year, making it the 11th most utilized station in the country. Providence Station has one of the highest riderships in the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) commuter rail system. In addition, freight rail passes through the station by the Providence and Worcester Railroad Company (P&W).

Built in 1986, this vital facility needs an overhaul. While improvements have been made over the years, many station elements are original to the station. Various infrastructure elements and systems to are not in good repair. Station capacity is strained and with a growing downtown, this will only increase. This project will modernize and expand the station in addition to upgrading access to it and making that access safer and easier.

Although owned by Amtrak, RIDOT is a full partner in the station's renovation. Design will begin this year with construction starting in 2022.

The Project

RIDOT was awarded a $12,500,000 FRA State of Good Repair Grant (SOGR) for final design and construction. The grant funds are matched with $5,250,000 from RIDOT and $7,250,000 from Amtrak. RIDOT and Amtrak are collaborating to advance this mutual project to full design and construction. The preservation and modernization of Providence Station will benefit roughly two million annual intercity and commuter rail riders, and it will sustain the facility's status as the premier transportation hub in the State.
The scope of the Providence Station State of Good Repair and Capacity Project has three primary categorizations:

Station Building:

  • Consolidate ticketing/baggage operations
  • Expand restrooms
  • Expand station floorplate by enclosing open area west of the café currently outlined by the clocktower and horizontal beam structures
  • Upgrade public address system with visual displays
  • Upgrades to mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems
  • Provide new Station features for improved accessibility
  • Modernize ticketing and baggage areas
  • Re-configuring pedestrian information display system boards and wayfinding
  • Upgrade fire protection systems
  • Provide additional waiting area seating capacity
  • Expand Station footprint along west wall
  • Increased safety presence with more prominent Amtrak Police entrance and counter
  • Upgrades to mechanical, electrical and plumbing

Platform Level:

  • Close openings between garage and trackway platform area

Outside the Station:

  • Upgraded pedestrian path across Station Park

This project is a design, bid, build project with design services beginning in 2021 and construction procurement in 2022.

Project Schedule & Cost

  • Location: Providence
  • Start Construction: 2022
  • Finish Construction: 2024
  • Total Projected Cost: $25 Million
  • Detours Needed: No

Pedestrian Detour

Sidewalks in the work zone will be closed for pedestrian use throughout the duration of the project. Pedestrians should use the provided detour route instead.

Pedestrian Detour Route