Reflective Markings & Delineators

Reflective Markings

Reflective Markers

We have installed numerous reflective signs and markers to increase safety on some of our sharpest highway curves. We also used large reflective markers on posts attached to the top of Jersey barriers to further illuminate the curves and show how the highway changes direction.

These safety features were added on I-95 North and South in the area of the Thurbers Avenue curve in Providence, at the Pawtucket "S" curve and the Lonsdale Avenue curve in Pawtucket. View map »

How They Are Used

  • Reflective pavement markings indicating Curve Ahead are placed in every lane of the highway leading into each curve.
  • Additional reflective markers are embedded in the driving surface to further delineate the lanes of travel.


To further improve safety in low-light conditions, we installed roadside delineators and reflective panels along many highways throughout Rhode Island. We targeted all Interstate highways, limited access highways and some major arterial roads and bridges. View Map »

How They Are Used

  • Markers are placed on both sides of the road to complement pavement markings and better define the edges of the roadway.
  • Along curves and exits, marker spacing is tighter, providing another visual cue of a change in road direction.

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