Route 37 Right Size

Right-Sizing Route 37 to Improve Community Connectivity

  • Rebuilding the East Avenue Corridor
    Route 37 over Route 2 - New London Ave, Cranston
  • Rebuilding the East Avenue Corridor
    Route 37 over Route 1 - Post Road, Warwick

This project addresses asset management and state of good repair needs along Route 37 between I-295 (Cranston) and Post Road (Warwick) for 8 bridges. The treatments needed range from full replacement to decommissioning. Where Route 37 intersects with Route 2 New London Avenue and Route 1 Post Road, considerations are being made to improve multimodal use of those intersecting roadways within the project footprint.

2023 RAISE Grant Application Narrative Rightsizing Route 37

U.S. Congressional Endorsement

Scope of Work

This project will:

  • Right-size the asset portfolio by decommissioning bridges on Route 37 over Post Road and over Power Road. Decommission loop ramps connecting Route 37 and Post Road
  • Install at-grade signals at Route 37 at Post Road to manage traffic operations
  • Complete six bridge replacements/rehabilitations from I-295 to Amtrak along Route 37
  • Restore wetlands in current Post Road loop ramps
  • Extend New London Avenue bridge to support future complete streets and transit enhancements along New London Avenue
  • Begin complete streets improvements along New London Avenue

Key Benefits

  • Multimodal Transportation - Advances goals of Bicycle Mobility Plan and Transit Master Plan
  • Safety - Mitigate safety challenges on Post Road loop ramps
  • Asset Portfolio - reduce future maintenance needs by decommissioning two bridges along Route 37
  • Growth - Targets opportunities to encourage economic development

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