Washington Bridge

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  • Washington Bridge - East Providence
    Washington Bridge - East Providence
  • Washington Bridge - East Providence
    Washington Bridge Structural Damage - East Providence
  • Washington Bridge - East Providence
    Washington Bridge Structural Damage - East Providence

The Project

The $78 million Washington Bridge project is much more than a bridge project. While it will address the structural deficiencies of the westbound portion of the Washington Bridge, which carries I-195 over the Seekonk River between East Providence and Providence, it also includes a new off-ramp to support economic development opportunities and address chronic congestion issues on the Interstate.

Thanks to the efforts of Rhode Island’s Congressional delegation in support of a $25 million federal BUILD grant, we can expand the project to include a new exit to Waterfront Drive in East Providence – providing access to dozens of acres of developable land. We also will construct an additional through lane on the bridge to better accommodate Interstate traffic and the high volume of traffic entering the highway from the Veterans Memorial Parkway, Warren Avenue and Taunton Avenue ramps.

The bridge carries more than 96,000 vehicles per day and is one of the busiest sections of Interstate highway in Rhode Island. It is the source of chronic congestion with backups often extending as far back as the Massachusetts state line, particularly during the morning rush hour. When the project is done, the average morning commute from the state line to I-95 will be trimmed by 40 percent, from 16 minutes to 9.5 minutes.

Other Improvements:
  • Partial widening to provide five continuous lanes of I-195 westbound traffic over the bridge.
  • A new bridge structure in East Providence to carry traffic from the Taunton Avenue/Warren Avenue/Veterans Memorial Parkway on-ramps over the new off-ramp to Waterfront Drive.
  • A new bridge structure to carry traffic from Gano Street in Providence onto I-195 westbound.
  • Restriping of I-195 westbound from the Broadway overpass to the new Waterfront Drive off-ramp to allow four lanes of through traffic on the mainline, eliminating the current lane drop at Broadway.
  • Adding a through lane on the western end of the Washington Bridge to reduce the weaving movements between the Taunton Avenue/Warren Avenue/Veterans Memorial Parkway on-ramps and the Gano Street off-ramp.

Project Schedule & Cost

  • Location: East Providence, Providence
  • Start Construction: 2021
  • Finish Construction: 2026
  • Total Projected Cost: $78 Million
  • Detours Needed: TBD

RIDOT to Begin Lane Shifts I-195 West

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Washington Bridge - I-195 Westbound Lane Splits


Overnight next week, we need to close the Gano Street exit off I-195 West, plus have alternating one-way traffic on Gano Street, under I-195, for bridge work. Our ongoing overnight bridge work will also require the closure of the on-ramps from Warren Avenue, Veterans Memorial Parkway and Taunton Avenue to I-195 West, and lanes along I-195 West. Please follow signed detours.

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