RIDOT - Environmental Division - Landscape Architecture Unit (LAU)

Landscape Architecture Unit (LAU)

RIDOT’s Landscape Architecture Unit (RIDOT LAU) provides project support with technical expertise and guidance from conceptual design through construction and maintenance.  As part of the multi-disciplinary team, the LAU intertwines vegetation, aesthetics, sustainability and environmental components.

Project Highlights

Melville School Outdoor Classroom

The project, completed in 2020 was made possible by a partnership between ERICD, Thrive Outside, RIDOT and Melville School, which came together as an Outdoor Learning Activity Zone, with a circular design including stone benches, a small wooden bridge and multiple plantings.   RIDOT provided funding for the rain garden.


URI-Research Incorporating Pollinator Plantings along Transportation Right-of-way Infrastructure

In collaboration with Professor Rebecca Brown, RIDOT’s Landscaping Department assisted in the plantings of pollinator plantings along Interstate 95.