Route 146 Reconstruction Project

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    Route 146 at Sayles Hill Road Looking South
  • Route 146 Improvements
    Route 146 at I-295 Bridges Looking South

The Project

Design is underway on an estimated $150 million project that will make much-needed improvements along the Route 146 corridor, replacing multiple bridges, repaving 8 miles of roadway and correcting numerous safety and congestion problems. More than 171,000 vehicles travel Route 146 between Providence and Worcester each day.

The project includes the removal of the traffic signal where Route 146 meets Sayles Hill Road and construction of a bridge so the highway can pass freely over Sayles Hill Road. This intersection averages more than 85 crashes per year and is a source of significant congestion and travel delay. It is the only signalized intersection on the entire Route 146 highway corridor in Rhode Island.

Thanks to the efforts of Rhode Island's Congressional delegation, RIDOT secured a $65 million USDOT INFRA Grant to help fund the project. Learn more: 2020 INFRA Grant Application Narrative: Route 146 Improvements

Other Project Highlights

Route 146 a critical transportation route that has gone unimproved for far too long. Other highlights of the project include:

  • Replacing two bridges along the corridor and doing preservation work on four others
  • Building frontage roads for easy and safe access to businesses at the Sayles Hill Road interchange
  • Repaving Route 146 from the I-295 interchange to the Massachusetts state line Adding bus-on-shoulder accommodations along the southern end of Route 146 in North Providence and Providence
  • Extending existing fiber optic lines and Intelligent Transportation Systems/traffic monitoring from the I-295 interchange to the Massachusetts state line
  • Rebuilding the Route 146/Route 146A interchange, removing dangerous U-turns using a diverging diamond interchange
  • Extending the weave length for the Route 99 Ramp and Route 146 south Improving the geometry of the I-295 southbound off-ramp to Route 146
  • Building new drainage systems
  • Replacing guardrail and making other safety improvements such as wrong way driving detection systems

Project Schedule

Upon receipt of the grant in summer 2020, RIDOT kicked off design work on this important project. The Department anticipates advertising for construction in late 2021, with construction starting in spring 2022. Construction on the entire project will be complete in 2025.

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