Apponaug Circulator Project

Our project is transforming a congested and outdated urban circulator system into a more efficient, safer, accessible and sustainable facility for the City of Warwick. We are building a new roadway to serve as a bypass for the majority of traffic that travels through the heart of this historic village.

Reducing traffic volumes is a key component in the City's revitalization plans, which envision a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly environment as a destination for its shops, restaurants, and cultural events.

Vital Stats:

Condition: The road system in Apponaug village was last altered in the 1970s. Traffic volumes have increased substantially, with about 24,500 vehicles on Post Road passing through the village center, creating congestion and hampering economic revitalization.

Length of Roadway: Our entire project covers 2.3 miles of roadway, including 1,100 feet of new road to serve as the bypass for Apponaug village.

Intersection Improvements: Three signalized and two unsignalized intersections will be redesigned to feature modern roundabouts. A roundabout is a one-way circular intersection in which traffic flows around a center island. They provide improved safety, greater efficiency, higher capacity and aesthetic benefits over traditional intersections controlled by traffic signals. They also provide environmental benefits through reduced pollution and fuel consumption.

Project Cost: $71 million, which includes a $29.8 million construction contract.

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Project Timeline

Work began in Summer 2014 and is scheduled to wrap up by Fall 2017. The roundabouts will be built in phases to minimize traffic disruption. See below for more details:

Date Milestone
Summer 2014 Construction begins with focus on the new Veterans Memorial Drive Extension.
Fall 2014 - Summer 2016 Construction of roundabout at Post Road at Williams Corner in three phases.
Winter 2015 - Summer 2015 Relocation of a section of the Apponaug River.
Spring 2015 - Fall 2016 Construction of roundabout at Centerville Road and Toll Gate Road in six phases.
Summer 2015 - Summer 2016 Construction of roundabout at Veterans Memorial Drive and Post Road Extension in four phases.
Fall 2015 - Fall 2016 Construction of roundabout at Greenwich Avenue and Veterans Memorial Drive in five phases.
Fall 2016 - Spring 2017 Construction of roundabout at Apponaug Four Corners in four phases.
Spring 2017 - Summer 2017 Reconstruction of Post Road in Apponaug village center, Veterans Memorial Drive to Williams Corner.
Fall 2017 Substantial completion of the entire project.

Apponaug Circulator

RIDOT moving forward to open next section of the new Apponaug Circulator on November 22.

A New Apponaug Four Corners

  • Building Apponaug's New Intersections

  • Building Apponaug's New Intersections

  • Building Apponaug's New Intersections

  • Building Apponaug's New Intersections

  • Building Apponaug's New Intersections